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Harmonious Weight Loss Coaching Program
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Harmonious Weight Loss Coaching Program

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Harmonious Weight Loss Coaching Program - A Medically Supervised Program

Reshape Your body!

Boost Your Confidence!

Create Your Best Version!

Harmonious Weight Loss Coaching Program

This is ideal for you if:

  • You feel lack of support for your ongoing weight loss success.
  • You feel lack of motivation to achieve your weight loss goals.
  • You may have mental blocks and limiting beliefs that prevent you from losing weight.
  • You feel lack of confidence in your personal and social life.
  • You have challenges with food cravings and sugar cravings.
  • You have challenges with emotional eating or night eating habit.
  • Your are suffering from hormone imbalance or menopause and have challenges to lose weight.
  • You are suffering from depression or chronic insomnia related weight gain.
  • Your weight gain is related to pain control issues or stress.
  • You have a busy schedule and don't have time to prepare healthy meals.
  • You want to burn fat faster but feel lack of motivation to exercise.
  • And more...

What you will accomplish:

  1. You will create a healthy body image from the inside out.
  2. You will have unstoppable motivation to achieve your weight loss goals and improve every aspect of your life.
  3. You will develop an irresistible confidence and dramatically improve your personal and social relationships with others.
  4. You will build a healthy life style and improve your health and happiness.
  5. You will have renewed energy and a more positive outlook about your life.
  6. You will develop a healthy relationship with food and body image.
  7. You will have a new belief system to support your weight loss goals and fulfill your deep desire.
  8. You will be able to leverage your inner gifts and create your best version!

The bottom line:

This coaching program is for you if you are looking for innovative ways to achieve long lasting weight loss success and bring out the best in you. It is time to create your best version possible and achieve your deep desire, improve every aspect of your life and create a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. Let us walk you through exactly how it is done.

Harmonious Weight Loss Coaching Program Features:

6 Months individual coaching sessions with our health and fitness experts - $2997 Value

You will have a 60 minutes private one-on-one session every 2 weeks with our health experts. At each session, we will assist you to remove any mental blocks that prevent you from weight loss by using various healing modalities. We will tailor your weight loss plan at each session and help you overcome weight loss plateaus and support your ongoing weight loss success.

Access our online training in Harmonious Weight Loss Coaching Training Center - $1997 Value

Our well established online training center will allow you to learn all the cutting edge weight loss strategies, tools and techniques. You will have most up-to-date information to help you customize your plan to speed up your weight loss success. You will receive all the materials from the basic package PLUS ongoing fresh trends in weight management.

"Daily Inspirational Diet" - $997 Value

You will receive daily inspiration to boost your motivation and take inspired actions to achieve your weight goals faster!

Instant access to all other members at "Harmonious Weight Loss Coaching Program" and get rid of the feeling that you never have to do this alone. Ask your questions and share your feelings and receive support from worldwide like-minded community for lasting weight loss success and improve quality of your life. Priceless!

Total Value : $5991

On sale :
Monthly payment : $297

Total payment : $1497

More Testimonials

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to Lucy Liu for her efforts in helping me lose weight and stay healthy. Her knowledge and expertise in alternative medicine made me trust her judgment. From my first visit with Lucy, I felt very comfortable. Her personality is trustworthy and authentic. I greatly appreciated Lucy's professionalism and ethical qualities. She listened and understood my concerns in a very passionate way. Her support has been endless in my new journey. I would gladly recommend Lucy Liu to anyone asking for help in healthy weight loss program."
- Noris Radetic, BC, Canada

"Lucy is an exceptional dietitian and as a professional she is also very knowledgeable in alternative medicine. She is caring, genuine and thrives to serve others with dignity and respect. She is inspirational and her words are uplifting. . She is sharp, bright and is very good at putting all the pieces together and identifying the root causes of a given health issue. Her weight loss program is innovative and effective and focuses on maintaining long term weight loss success. I highly recommend her programs to others without reservations."
- S. Z. Malik, M.D. TX, USA

"One example of the keen interest Lucy has in supporting her clientele is the multifaceted, holistic, weight loss program in which she has integrated a plethora of disciplines focused on promoting the success of the individuals seeking her support. Lucy has used her advanced technical ability to manipulate web based programs and integrate software to provide the client with a huge variety of methods focused on supporting the client's goals in fitness and weight loss. She developed this program employing a broad and varied selection of modalities, creatively combined to engage the client in many different ways. For example: morning affirmations, journaling, online motivational discussion/peer support, as well as addressing self-esteem and body image. Innovative practices such as hypnosis, and mind-body integration as well as links to recordings addressing healthy body image are embedded in this fantastic program. Practical applications sharing recipe suggestions, and calorie counters are also included. Lucy has invented an innovative method for calculating the caloric, and protein based needs of the individual. One could easily describe Lucy as a Medical Intuitive. She has studied a vast array of health and alternate healing disciplines in such depth that she herself has been surprised to discover the intricacies of her understanding and ability for assessment. She uses traditional healing practices, modern, natural practices, and combines these with her profound ability to see the needs and deficits affecting the individual. Lucy has the ability combine many methods of natural and alternate medicine in order to support a client with exactly what they need to heal, or avoid an illness."
- Jody Vos, RN, Diabetes Educator, BC, Canada

"I am a chef in a restaurant. My weight has been a big challenge for my health in the past few years. I was close to 300 lbs and I have flat feet, lower back pain and joint pain. My Dr told me that weight loss is the only way to reduce my chronic pain. I was ready in order to get my health back on track. With "Harmonious Weight Loss Program" and Lucy Liu's effective weight loss coaching, I lost more than 80 lbs in less than 6 months. I visited my Dr after my successful weight loss and he could barely recognize me. Now I am able to run on the tread mill and I have organized a weight loss support group in my community and become a leader and role model to inspire others for their weight loss challenges, it has been more than 2 years that I am able to keep my weight off and stay healthy and fit. My chronic pain has been dramatically improved. I highly recommend "Harmonious weight loss Program" to anyone who wants to achieve long lasting weight loss success with an easy to follow system."
- John Molar, BC, Canada

"I have chronic knee pain to the point that I can hardly walk. My Dr told me that I have to lose at least 50 lbs to have knee surgery. I was about 280 lbs when I came to visit Lucy Liu for weight loss. With "Harmonious Weight Loss Program" and Lucy Liu's ongoing weight loss coaching, I lost 30 lbs within 3 months. My knee pain is surprisingly improved. I feel so good to be able to fit into the clothes that I was dreamed about before. Due to my successful weight loss, my knee surgery was rescheduled early than previous one. I am very thankful for Lucy Liu's authentic and effective weight loss coaching. It has changed my life and my overall health. I have a more positive outlook about life and I feel more confident about what I can achieve in my life. I have no doubt to recommend "Harmonious Weight Loss program" and Lucy Liu's therapeutic coaching to anyone who has been suffering from weight issues and want to lose weight safely and effectively and improve the quality of their life."
- Barbara Jordan, BC, Canada

"I have been suffering from depression due to my divorce and dissatisfaction about my current job. Worse than that, I noticed that my weight has been climbing up and I gained more than 20 lbs in the past 2 years. I want to have more confidence about my body image and I want to find new love. So I decided to lose weight and rebuild my healthy body image. A friend introduced Lucy Liu to me. Lucy discussed with me and developed a detailed action plan for my weight loss. With "Harmonious Weight Loss Program" and Lucy's ongoing support, I have been very motivated and stay on the track. Lucy also removed my mental blocks and limiting beliefs for weight loss and speeds up weight loss process.Within 3 months, I lost 30 lbs. I feel the confidence is shining through my body. I just met my sweetheart a month ago and we have been falling in love madly with each other. Here is a more exciting better news, I changed my job location as a financial consultant and found my passion again. I am so thankful for "Harmonious Weight Loss Program" and Lucy Liu's professional support, which has changed my life. I would recommend Lucy's program to anyone who has been struggling with weight loss and body image issues."
- Jean Bernard, BC, Canada

Total Value : $5991

On sale :
Monthly payment : $297

Total payment : $1497

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