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– Stop Overeating and Night eating Hypnosis Recording


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Stop Overeating and Night eating Hypnosis Recording

(6 customer reviews)

$15.99 $9.99

This hypnosis recording uses powerful brainwave technology and embeds the hypnosis recording in the alpha brainwave background music, along with advanced hypnosis techniques such as Metaphor and Post Hypnotic Suggestions. It helps you get rid of overeating and night eating habits quickly!

6 reviews for Stop Overeating and Night eating Hypnosis Recording

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    Stephanie M.

    This Stop overeating and night eating habits recording was a huge part of my weight loss success. I found that my mind was automatically combating the negative thoughts I had. For example I would think “I’m bored, I should eat something.” and then my brain would automatically kick in and tells me “There are plenty of fun things to do instead of eating right now.” I am really thankful for this amazing recording that has changed my life and helps me lose weight faster.

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    After only a few times listening to this recording, I started to feel the positive changes of my eating habits and started to lose weight! Definitely recommend it to anyone who is struggling with overeating.

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    Lucy Wu

    After listening to this recording, I am able to get rid of bad eating habits, it is an amazing experience.

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    I stopped night eating habit after listening to this recording a few times, no kidding.

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    Jenny Chen

    This recording works to stop bad eating habits quickily.

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    I have been listening to this recording in the evening to stop my bad eating habits, now my urge for food at night is gone, I sleep well and feel great. I will choose more products from them.

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