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Crystal healing is known to be a form of energy healing that employs stones and crystals. During ancient times, energy healing was known for its intangible power. It has been accepted and used by several cultures for hundreds of years. Its origin was from the Chakras and Doshas of the Tibetan and Indian cultures up to the Qi and Meridians of the Japanese and traditional Chinese medical practices.
Crystal healing was formulated in the concept that the human body is composed of various energy fields. Crystals are conductors of energy – both as receivers and transmitters. The energy from crystals blends and resonates within the energy centers of the human body and in coordination with our energy field, energy centers and energy pathways to promote the healing process. Crystals have been used for healing the body, soul and spirits, sharpening intuition, releasing negative energies, and smoothing the energy flows in the body and energy fields. For example, pink Rose Quartz crystal is the best known as the “love stone”. It has a calming and reassuring effect and can enhance love in any situation, which includes self love and unconditional love.

The body is considered to be healthy only when the energy is righteously circulating and distributed to every part freely. The abnormal energy or the energy imbalances indicate the excess or deficiency of inner energy of one person. When a part or an organ of the human body is vibrating inharmoniously or out of tune, the body is in the condition called ‘dis-ease’ or simply disease. If one’s energy is not balanced or is blocked, the basic life force will be slowed down. Human bodies will only be considered being at a healthy state when each cell and each organ in the body harmoniously reverberate with the entire being.

Crystal healing is a powerful and ancient holistic therapy form. The stones and crystals are vibrant and energetic healing tools which play vital roles in the conjunction of the user’s own healing capacity and nature. Crystal healing is appropriate, gentle and non-invasive for everyone, even for the kids and animal pets. The Kirlian photography has tested that whenever a person is holding a crystal with him or her, their energy field is intensified.

Crystal healing offers many health benefits, some are addressed below.

  • The Crystals used in meditation portrays a state of balance and perfection with its interior structure. It is like a laser that radiates energy through a highly concentrated and coherent form. Such energy can be transmitted to any person or object at will. The powerful crystals can also take away the negative thought forms that may have shaped disease patterns.
  • Other jewels and pearls when applied to the skin of a person, exercise an electromagnetic effect to the physical cells in the human body.
  • The vibratory forces that are aroused from particular crystals and stones team up with the like forces coming from the individuals, and align with the creative forces of the Universe in such a way that a person can transmit and receive healing vibrations, obtain wisdom for his soul development, spiritualize his desires and many other possibilities.
  • Crystal healing provides the feeling of being centered and protected. When you are with your crystals, you will feel that everything is in control and you are protected and away from fears and concerns that might come at anytime.
  • Meditation can have an accelerated healing with crystals at all levels. Therefore, as you go on higher
    levels of vibration, you will be experiencing greater healing.
  • Crystal healing helps cleanse your energy fields and release blockages in your body, and restore your energy flow and balance. The constant electrical vibrations of the stones help harmonize, balance, and stimulate our energies.
  • Crystal healing will elevate your vibration frequencies and your consciousness to help you develop new vibration patterns, so you can transform your life in a short period of time and manifest your deep desires faster.

Crystals have always been attractive for their beauty, healing, and spiritual properties. Choose crystals that you feel attracted to for best vibrations. Your personal crystals will attune themselves into your vibrations. New stones need to be cleansed before you use them. Cleansing crystals removes unwanted energy and restores their original clarity and properties.

Crystal healing can be seen as natural alternatives for conventional medicine. With the increasing popularity of holistic and alternative medicine, many people are turning to crystal healing to help cure their illness and maintain optimum health.

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