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Traditional Chinese MedicineTraditional Chinese medicine is the oldest method of alternative medicine in the world. As a matter of fact, it is part of China’s rich culture and heritage. The history of China would not be complete without including the use of traditional Chinese medicine by some of its ancient emperors and leaders. Asian herbal medicine is very effective in curing various diseases. This is not just about healing the condition, but also about maintaining the balance between the mind and the body. Chinese alternative medicine doctors claimed that if the body is not balanced, illnesses and diseases will attack us. The use of various elements and theories are very effective in determining the right treatments.

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang are important aspect of traditional Chinese medicine. Yin and Yang represent the two opposite principles in nature. Yin represents the feminine nature of things and Yang stands for the masculine side. Yin and Yang are in pairs, such as the moon and the sun, female and male. Yin and Yang are considered as complementary forces to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the associated parts. These elements or energy should be well-balanced all the time to make sure that the body is protected from any illness or diseases. The use of traditional Chinese medicine will help balance your Yin and Yang to assure that your body is in a harmonious state with good health.

The Five Elements

Like Yin and Yang, The Five Elements theory of traditional Chinese medicine is ancient and deeply embedded into the history of Chinese culture. It is an essential healing system to practice Traditional Chinese medicine. It is a theory of connection and interaction and provides a framework to understand, diagnose, and treat all health issues including body, mind, emotions, and spirit. The five elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each of these 5 essential elements plays an imperative role in the world as well as in the human body. Chinese medicine uses a certain system that will link the relationship of each element to make sure that they are in balance. The Five Elements reflect a deep understanding of natural law and the universal order of everything in the world.

Traditional Chinese medicine also provides energy healing to make sure that your mind is also free from any anxiety, stress and worries. Stress is one of the main factors that cause illnesses and diseases.

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners use four steps in order to diagnose a certain disease or condition. These are observation, interrogation, pulse feeling and palpitation, auscultation and olfaction. They use various techniques and methods in order to confirm such disease or condition thoroughly. After diagnosing the condition, they may recommend a certain kind of treatment or management.

Traditional Chinese medicine does not recommend synthetic drugs or medications that are made from pharmaceutical companies and can be purchased from drug stores. They usually use plants that are rich in antioxidants and herbal remedies such as ginger, licorice, ginseng, aloes and others. They also commonly recommend herbal tea, ointments or concoctions from natural sources.

Through the centuries, traditional Chinese medicine has proven its powerful healing effects and amazing value. This is the reason why many people are still using Chinese traditional medicine. It is truly a great option if you are looking for an inexpensive and economical but effective method to cure diseases and enhance your overall health.

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