365 Daily Enlightenment

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This book discusses how to harness the power of the subconscious mind and provides you 15 key steps to supercharge your manifestation power with affirmations. It focuses on the following areas:

1. Health and Wellness
2. Happiness
3. Love and Relationships
4. Prosperity and Wealth

It is packed with enlightened and positive affirmations that will instantly raise your vibration and heighten your consciousness every day and draw your heart and soul desires quickly. With daily practice, you will live a life journey that is filled with PEAK health, happiness, love, prosperity and wealth.

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4 reviews for 365 Daily Enlightenment

  1. Maria

    An amazing book! Easy to read and very helpful to BOOST your energy every day!

  2. Jhon Miller

    I am not big reader but just reading through 10 pages makes me realize how much thought the author has put in writing this.I am really impressed.Simple & effective.

  3. jane

    This book keeps me motivated and positive, it becomes my must read every day, a great one!

  4. Jody Vos

    365 Daily Enlightenment is a succinct and comprehensive book which provides the reader with explanations and material to support personal growth. Lucy Liu has creatively compiled an amazing year’s worth of insightful affirmations that provides the reader with options to choose the focus of their particular path.
    This influential book opens with details regarding the processes of the subconscious mind and how practice with positive affirmations can affect our well-being and human potential. The Key Steps in this first section provides 15 methods to maximize the power of constructive thinking and meditation.
    Organized in sections that support focus in desired directions, this book is easy to use Super guide for those new to using the power of their mind to attract their desired goals in life; it also provides numerous beneficial options for readers experienced in mindfulness and meditation. Epic and profound quotations from historically influential people are included in each section and serve as supportive affirmations in themselves.
    The portion of the book focused on Health and Wellness is divided into several sections that lead the reader through 185 positive declarations. These sections are Supporting Peace and Patience, Thoughts and Mindfulness, Relaxation and Sound Sleep, Health and Fitness, Forgiveness and Compassion, Intuition and Inner Guidance, and Confidence and Self Esteem.
    The remaining bulk of the book moves the reader through several choices of focus; Happiness, Love, and Relationships, Prosperity and Wealth, Creativity and Imagination, Abundance and Manifestation, Motivation and Success, are each filled with assertions that consistently lead the reader to build on the one that came before. If one were to merely skim these sections, the sense of well-being is enhanced. Each grouping of the plethora of options, if consistently and wisely used it can provide the potential for an optimistic transformation.
    Lucy Liu has drawn on her ability channel, and attracts all that is positive in her own life and concisely shares 365 ways to support the reader to unlock their subconscious potential for improved health, happiness, and success. These daily intentions are so powerful! Used consistently this book has the power to change one’s life potential.

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