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I had the privilege to meet Lucy Liu back in 2018. We met at a yoga class where at the end of our class,
Lucy complimented me on my ears! I was a bit taken back as I had always been self-conscience of my big
ears, especially my long lobes which are not attached to my head!! (when I did “downward dog, so did
my ear lobes! lol) … Lucy said my ear lobes are like the Budda’s ear lobes and they represent long life!
From that day forward, I now feel honoured to have my ears! … Thank you Lucy!

Not long after meeting Lucy, I had received a very disheartening phone call from a family member, and
to my surprise 10 minutes later, Lucy called me! I told her about the terrible news and she said she
already knew and that is why she called me! I was blown away by her intuitive skills!! Lucy then invited
me for a walk on the beach and she totally helped me out by listening to my situation without
judgement and shared some valuable insights that certainly helped me cope with this dilemma.

I booked Lucy for a palm reading which revealed a health issue (which I knew I had) .. Lucy then
recommended Traditional Chinese medicine which helped me a lot! … I was to put ginger in my belly
button and drink ginger tea…so simple and it worked!! …. Lucy has a true gift in readings, intuition, as
well as, has extensive and diverse education, knowledge, experience, skills and has true interest and
compassion in health and healing that she has accumulated over many years…. And she loves to help

Lucy has taught me a great deal about nutrition and how to take care of my health. Lucy is so
knowledgeable in so many ways …. I love receiving her emails that contain very interesting and helpful
topics that aid in the development of an optimal healthy lifestyle and sense of well-being.

Lucy is very kind, compassionate, caring, committed, generous and all with a wonderful sense of
humour! …. I am so grateful and proud to have Lucy as my dear friend.


–Susan Veale–
Reflexologist Creston BC

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Lucy lives her life as she encourages others to; striving for happiness through positive thinking and optimism. She is a gift as a friend and a colleague because she is complimentary, honest, generous and supportive. She is deeply spiritual and intuitive. Lucy is success oriented; hardworking and conscientious, possessing a thirst for personal and professional growth. Her life mission is to learn, grow and provide support to others as part of her success.  Lucy appears to gain as much pleasure helping peoplesharing her valuations and intuitive understanding, as those individuals that are benefiting from her knowledge.


Lucy is brilliant: she has a phenomenal memory and ability to integrate the vast knowledge base she commands from so many disciplines of health. Her expert knowledge of theanatomy and physiology of the human body is such an amazing asset, and an obvious base for the many disciplines she instinctively pulls together when viewingeach case she works with.

Lucy has a degree in CHEMICAL ENGINEERING and was incredibly successful in that field, but left her homeland in pursuit of a degree in a field that would benefit others. Using her degree as a REGISTERED DIETICIAN (RD) has supported many patients in the various health regions she has worked in.  An RD is an incredibly vast and challenging field. Lucy supports patients’ needs, and serves as a resource for the Internists, Physicians and Nurses working there.

She is an excellent writer, and a methodical researcher. Her website contains many examples of health related subjects which she has selected, studied, and presented for use by her dedicated readers. All articles are meticulously cited.

One example of the keen interest she has in supporting her clientele is the multifaceted, holistic, weight loss program in whichshe has integrated a plethora of disciplines focused on promoting the success of the individuals seeking her support. Lucy has used her advanced technical ability to manipulate web based programs and integrate software to provide the client with a huge variety of methods focused on supportingthe client’s goals in fitness and weight loss. She developed this program employing a broad and varied selection of modalities, creatively combined to engage the client in many different ways. For example: morning affirmations, journaling,online motivational discussion/peer support, as well as addressing self-esteem and body image. Innovative practices such as hypnosis, and mind-body integration as well as links to recordings addressing healthy body image are embedded in this fantastic program.  Practical applications sharing recipe suggestions, and calorie counters are also included. Lucy has invented an innovative method for calculating the caloric, and protein based needs of the individual.


One could easily describe Lucy as a Medical Intuitive. She has studied a vast array of health and alternate healing disciplines in such depth that she herself has been surprised to discover the intricacies of her understanding and ability for assessment. She uses traditional healing practices, modern, natural practices, and combines these with her profoundability to see the needs and deficits affecting the individual. Lucy has the ability combine many methods of natural and alternate medicine in orderr to support a client with exactly what they need to heal, or avoid an illness.


–Jody Vos–
RN, Diabetes Educator, BC, Canada

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I have known Lucy for many years as a co-worker at the hospital I work in. She is an authentic and heart-centered holistic health practitioner. She has a broad knowledge in alternative medicine and always thrives to help others improve their health and fulfill their deep desires. I have had healing sessions with her that was life changing for me. I would recommend her enthusiastically to anyone seeking to bring healing or change in their Life.


–Dr Robbie O’Dwyer–
MD, BC, Canada

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I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to Lucy Liu for her efforts in helping me lose weight and stay healthy. Her knowledge and expertise in alternative medicine made me trust her judgment.

From my first visit with Lucy, I felt very comfortable. Her personality is trustworthy and authentic. I greatly appreciated Lucy’s professionalism and ethical qualities. She listened and understood my concerns in a very passionate way. Her support has been endless in my new journey.

I would absolutely recommend Lucy to anyone looking for support with their health.


BC, Canada

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I have worked with Lucy at a health care facility for over 5 years.  In that time, Lucy has proven to be a compassionate, honest and heard working individual. Her extensive knowledge regarding personal health care, nutrition and the field of alternative medicine is very impressive.  Based on these qualities, I have no doubt that any endeavor that Lucy pursues would be highly successful.


–Nancy Desbien–
BC, Canada

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As a nutritionist, I recommend Lucy Liu. I have known her for more than10 years. She is a very kind and caring person. She is also as amazing listener and has outstanding professional counselling skills. She not only helps me to lose weight and keeps the weight off successfully, but also inspires me both in my personal life and career, and takes them to the next level. She is inspirational and easily changes your bad mood or depression in a fantastic spirit! In addition, she is a very courageous and confident person. She is my role model. I can’t stop admiring her and would recommend her to everyone in need!


–Maria Kosher–
Montreal, Canada

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I have known Lucy Liu for more than 5 years now, and during this time, Lucy has proven to be a very professional and well organized individual.  She has a very friendly disposition.  Her work ethics are always carried out to the fullest of her potential.  She always gives 100% if not more!  I would truly say that Lucy would be an asset to any business.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding Lucy.


–Lyndon Ploss–
BC, Canada

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Lucy is an exceptional dietitian and as a professional she is also very knowledgeable in alternative medicine. She is caring, genuine and thrives to serve others with dignity and respect. She is inspirational and her words are uplifting.  She is sharp, bright and is very good at putting all the pieces together and identifying the root causes of a given health issue. I highly recommend her programs to others without reservations.


–S. Z. Malik–

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I have had the pleasure on many occasions to speak with Lucy on many different topics. Lucy is extremely motivated, positive and upbeat. She has many gifts to share not only in the physical sense but in the spiritual sense as well. One would find her energy is contagious and words are most uplifting.


–Karen Sparrow–
BC, Canada

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I first met Lucy when I was at a very low point in my life. Lucy gave me the tools and the encouragement to move out of a very negative place to a happy, positive place in my life. Lucy is always checking on your progress and gears her suggestions according to where you are in your journey. Lucy will never know how much she has helped me change the outlook on my present and my future.


Texas, United States