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Our mission is to assist others to leverage their talents and gifts, unite their mind and body and create a life that is FULL of happiness, abundance, good health and harmony.

We will use different healing modalities to help you achieve optimal health.

Here is what Lucy is proficient at: A Registered Dietitian and Clinical Nutritionist, Master NLP Practitioner, Master Hypnotist, Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, Reiki practitioner, Akashic Records Practitioner, Life Coach, and Numerologist…Lucy is also gifted as medical intuitive and clairvoyant. Her specialized fields include emotional health, physical health, mental health and spiritual health.


ModalitiesHypnotherapy: Hypnotherapy or clinical hypnosis is creating unconscious changes in thoughts, behavior or feelings by using an altered state of consciousness or trance. Hypnosis is natural and all of us go in and out of hypnosis state or trance many times throughout the day. Hypnotherapy is quite different than traditional therapy; it can develop efficient, quick, and reliable results without spending years with a therapist. The list of problems that can benefit from hypnotherapy is long, here are some common issues: stress, anxiety, fear, depression, addictions, weight issues and insomnia, etc.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP):It explores the relationship between mind (Neuro), language (Linguistics) and how their interaction affects our emotions, body and behavior (programming). The essence of NLP is to change you from inside. It allows you to generate your own learning and awareness and you will benefit from models of excellence in human conduct. NLP helps you achieve competence and excellence as well as wisdom and vision.

Life Coaching: Assist people in discovering their blind spots, leveraging their gifts and talents, empowering them to achieve their own brilliance. It is my belief that everyone has all the gifts they want within them.

Theta Healing: It is believed that emotional and behavioral patterns are also inherited in genetic programs. Theta brain waves increase creativity and intuition. It permits you to see those hidden beliefs and programs that cause your health matters and prevent you from moving forward. Theta Healing works on the cellular level to remove physical and emotional blocks and re-program the cellular memory to influence your subconscious mind to make life changing transformations.

Reiki: It came from two Japanese words, “REI” (ray) and “KI” (key). “REI” represents “divine wisdom”- the understanding of the root of all imbalances and how to correct them. “KI” is the life force energy that exists in all living beings and throughout the universe. Reiki is a powerful natural system that unlocks the inner flow of vital energy within us and creates high level wellness.

Holistic Nutrition: Focuses on your mind-body relationship with food and brings balance to all areas of your life through optimizing dietary intake, supplements and lifestyle.

Traditional Chinese Medicine: Yin and Yang is the most fundamental concept of conventional Chinese medicine. How contrary forces are interwoven and complementary to each other is being depicted in Yin-Yang theory. The five phases or elements theory believes that everything in universe can be divided into five elemental qualities: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These five elements play a vital role in human body as well as in the universe. It follows the natural law of the universe.

Crystal healing: It is known to be a form of energy healing that employs stones and crystals. Crystals have been used for healing the body, soul and spirits, sharpening intuition, releasing negative energies, and smoothing the energy flows in the body and energy fields.

Aromatherapy: It uses fragrant oils that are extracted from fruits, herbs and flowers to enhance their natural healing power. Essential oils that are absorbed through the skin can travel through the bloodstream and promote the mind-body healing process.These essential oils are found to serve as an alternative treatment for stress, infections and other health issues

Law of Attraction: Its name came from the belief that “like attracts like”. This belief is based on the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from pure energy and like energy attracts like energy. It indicates that every positive or negative event that happened to you was attracted and manifested by you both consciously or subconsciously. Your emotions and thoughts are twin brothers and behind each emotion there is a thought to support that emotion. It is your dominant thoughts that manifest your reality. If you want to manifest your deepest desires, only focusing on positive thoughts and emotions is not enough, you have to learn how to “actively” receiving.

Numerology: It is the study of the symbolism of numbers. It is used to review a person’s strength, talents, inner nature and vibration. It can provide great insight and better understanding about themselves and assists those who intend to cultivate their strengths and overcome their weakness and make better choices in their lives. Numerology not only provides you with a greater perspective on life but also helps prepare you for the future.


General Intuitive Reading and Healing Sessions

Include Age regression, Future timeline reading, Body Scan, Accessing Akashic Records, Angel Healing, Theta Healing, Manifestation and much more…
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General Intuitive Reading and Healing Sessions

  1. Initial healing and coaching session (phone or in-person session including 20 minutes free consultation): total 80 minutes

Lucy will first address any of your concerns and challenges. If it is a health related challenge, Lucy will identify the potential root causes. Then use different healing modalities to help you remove the blocks and speed up the healing process. If it is an issue related to your career or personal life, Lucy will assist you to remove the old beliefs and mental blocks that prevent you from achieving a life that you desire. Then Lucy will assist you to create new beliefs and bring out the best in you.


2. Follow up session (60 minutes phone or face-to-face session)
Lucy will work on any remaining issues regardless whether it is health related or other challenges in your life. Assist you to achieve your passion and deep desires and help create your new reality.


3. Follow up session (30 minutes phone or face-to-face session)



“Lucy is an exceptional dietitian and as a professional she is also very knowledgeable in alternative medicine. She is caring, genuine and thrives to serve others with dignity and respect. She is inspirational and her words are uplifting. . She is sharp, bright and is very good at putting all the pieces together and identifying the root causes of a given health issue. Her weight loss program is innovative and effective and focuses on maintaining long term weight loss success. I highly recommend her programs to others without reservations.”

“I first met Lucy when I was at a very low point in my life. Lucy gave me the tools and the encouragement to move out of a very negative place to a happy, positive place in my life. Lucy is always checking on your progress and gears her suggestions according to where you are in your journey. Lucy will never know how much she has helped me change the outlook on my present and my future.”
Maggie Margaret, BC, Canada

“I have known Lucy Liu for approximately 5 years now, and during this time, Lucy has proven to be a very professional and well organized individual. She has a very friendly disposition. Her work ethics are always carried out to the fullest of her potential. She always gives 100% if not more! I would truly say that Lucy would be an asset to any business. ”
Lyndon Ploss, BC, Canada

“I have had the pleasure on many occasions to speak with Lucy on many different topics. Lucy is extremely motivated, positive and upbeat. She has many gifts to share not only in the physical sense but in the spiritual sense as well. One would find her energy is contagious and words are most uplifting.”
Karen Sparrow, BC, Canada

“I have worked with Lucy at a Health care facility for over 5 years. In that time, Lucy has proven to be a compassionate, honest and hard working individual. Her extensive knowledge regarding personal health care, nutrition and the field of alternative medicine is very impressive. Based on these qualities, I have no doubt that any endeavor Lucy pursues would be highly successful”.
Nancy Desbien,BC, Canada

“PERSONALITY: Lucy lives her life as she encourages others to; striving for happiness through positive thinking and optimism. She is a gift as a friend and a colleague because she is complimentary, honest, generous and supportive. She is deeply spiritual and intuitive. Lucy is success oriented; hardworking and conscientious, possessing a thirst for personal and professional growth. Her life mission is to learn, grow and provide support to others as part of her success. Lucy appears to gain as much pleasure helping people sharing her valuations and intuitive understanding, as those individuals that are benefiting from her knowledge.
KNOWLEDGE IN NUTRITION AND WEIGHT LOSS MANAGEMENT: Lucy is brilliant: she has a phenomenal memory and ability to integrate the vast knowledge base she commands from so many disciplines of health. Her expert knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body is such an amazing asset, and an obvious base for the many disciplines she instinctively pulls together when viewing each case she works with.
Lucy has a degree in CHEMICAL ENGINEERING and was incredibly successful in that field, but left her homeland in pursuit of a degree in a field that would benefit others. Using her degree as a REGISTERED DIETICIAN (RD) has supported many patients in the various health regions she has worked in. An RD is an incredibly vast and challenging field. Lucy supports patients’ needs, and serves as a resource for the Internists, Physicians and Nurses working there.
She is an excellent writer, and a methodical researcher. Her website contains many examples of health related subjects which she has selected, studied, and presented for use by her dedicated readers. All articles are meticulously cited.
One example of the keen interest she has in supporting her clientele is the multifaceted, holistic, weight loss program in which she has integrated a plethora of disciplines focused on promoting the success of the individuals seeking her support. Lucy has used her advanced technical ability to manipulate web based programs and integrate software to provide the client with a huge variety of methods focused on supporting the client’s goals in fitness and weight loss. She developed this program employing a broad and varied selection of modalities, creatively combined to engage the client in many different ways. For example: morning affirmations, journaling, online motivational discussion/peer support, as well as addressing self-esteem and body image. Innovative practices such as hypnosis, and mind-body integration as well as links to recordings addressing healthy body image are embedded in this fantastic program. Practical applications sharing recipe suggestions, and calorie counters are also included. Lucy has invented an innovative method for calculating the caloric, and protein based needs of the individual.
KNOWLEDGE IN ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE: One could easily describe Lucy as a Medical Intuitive. She has studied a vast array of health and alternate healing disciplines in such depth that she herself has been surprised to discover the intricacies of her understanding and ability for assessment. She uses traditional healing practices, modern, natural practices, and combines these with her profound ability to see the needs and deficits affecting the individual. Lucy has the ability combine many methods of natural and alternate medicine in orderr to support a client with exactly what they need to heal, or avoid an illness.”
Jody Vos, RN, Diabetes Educator, BC, Canada

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to Lucy Liu for her efforts in helping me lose weight and stay healthy. Her knowledge and expertise in alternative medicine made me trust her judgment.
From my first visit with Lucy, I felt very comfortable. Her personality is trustworthy and authentic. I greatly appreciated Lucy’s professionalism and ethical qualities. She listened and understood my concerns in a very passionate way. Her support has been endless in my new journey.
I would gladly recommend Lucy Liu to anyone asking for help in healthy weight loss program.”
Noris Radetic, BC, Canada