Did you know that there are seven pits in the body called the Golden Pits in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)? These areas are often located in the conjunction points between joints and tendons. Regular stimulation of these areas with your hands can help detoxify the body, reduce fatigue, release blockage in the meridians, and improve your health in many ways. Let’s dive into it.
Lumbar-eye-pointThe Lumbar Triangle
The lumbar triangles are the two hollows in the waist on the back, located on both sides of the connection between the buttocks and the lumbar vertebrae. The most important place in the lumbar triangle is the “Lumbar Eye Acupoint”, which is located right on the lumbar triangle. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the waist on the back is the temple of the kidney meridian, which governs the Qi or energy. Regular massage ofthe Lumbar Triangle can not only relieve lower back pain but also help regulate menstruation and relieve pain caused by energy blockage in the spine. Especially for people who stay in an environment with A/C all year round, regular massage of the Lumbar Eye Acupoint on both sides of the waist can enhance energy flow in the kidney meridian and prevent arthritis and chronic pain later on. How to do it? Make fists with both hands, press the Lumbar Eye Spot with your thumb joints, rotate and massage 30-50 times until the spot is sore, then rub this spot on both sides with your palms up and down with moderate pressure, and rub quickly until the waist becomes warm. You can also use your fiststo tap the Lumbar Eye Acupoint with light pressure. Repeat the tapping 15-30 times around the lumbar triangle regularly. The best time to perform this exercise is in the evening between 7 pm to 9 pm when the energy is peaking in the kidney meridian.
Knee-pitsKnee Pit
The kneepit is also called the popliteal fossa, which is the diamond-shaped depression in the back area of the knee. Did you know that the very important bladder meridian in our body passes through the kneepit? The bladder meridian is the largest channel for detoxification in our body. There is a significant acupoint on the knee socket, called the WeizhongAcupoint (BL-40), which is the “sewage outlet” in this detoxification passage. It’s right at the midpoint of the knee socket, which is the midpoint of the depression behind the knee. How to do it? Use the thumbs of both hands to press the acupoints on both sides, the strength should be moderate in a pressing and releasing motion, 10-20 times in a row. Then rub the sides of the knee fossa back and forth, and press the acupoints intermittently. Regular massage of the kneepit can not only help relieve the pain in the lower back and joints but also strengthen the body’s stamina and enhance immunity. Because the bladder meridian is the largest channel for detoxification, therefore, regular massage of the kneepit can promote detoxification and support the body to remove the waste and toxins more efficiently, this also prevents and relieves arthritis.
Arm-pitsArm Pit
The armpits distribute many nerves and blood vessels as well as lymph nodes. They are considered one of the three major self-care areas in the body. There is also a very important JiquanAcpoint (HT-1) in the armpits, which is at the highest part of the heart meridian, it is located at the apex of the axillary fossa where the axillary artery pulsates. Regular massage of this important acupoint can promote lymphatic drainage and detoxification, and it is very effective. Moreover, the Jiquanacupoint is also an important acupoint in the heart meridian. Regular massage of your armpits can also improve your heart function. For those who are easily triggered by negative emotions such as anger and impulsiveness, massaging the armpits can help calm down your mind and release negative emotions. MassagingJiquanacupointcan effectively relieve symptoms such as angina, heart palpitations, chest tightness, and other symptoms related to heart issues, prevention is the key.

arm-pit-exerciseHow to do it? The best way to massage your armpits is by pressing. Press the Jiquanacupoint with your fingers and massage until you feel the heat generated in that area. This usually takes about 3 to 5 minutes. First, raise your left arm, place the thumb of your right hand on the shoulder, then use your middle finger to flick the left armpit. Change the speed and do the same with the right armpit.You can use the thumb or middle finger of the other hand to rub this acupoint with moderate pressure, about 3 minutes on each side until the pain spots and nodules dissipate.

You can also raise and stretch your arms during your free time. For example, when you are tired after sitting too long, you can raise your arms to stretch your armpits; or you can practice Baduanjin (Eight Pieces of Brocade), which is a great way to stretch your armpits and boost your immunity.

belly-buttonThe Navel
The belly button is a very important spot in traditional Chinese medicinecalled the ShenqueAcupoint (CV-8). It connects the meridians, energy (Qi),and blood throughout the body and helps regulate internal organ functions. Therefore, it has always been regarded by Traditional Chinese Medicine as an important point for treating health challenges and maintaining optimal health. Regular and gentle massage of the navel can help enhance digestion, regulate energy flow, promote blood circulation in the body, support liver function, boost immunity, and increase energy levels. You can also massage the Belt Meridian next to your belly button, which is often called the “spare tire” around the waistline due to fat accumulation there. Through gentle and regular massage, you can speed up metabolism, promote fat-burning capacity, enhance weight loss, and preventthe accumulation of abdominal fat. Massaging your belly button before going to bed can also promote sound sleep and prevent insomnia. For people suffering from arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and cerebrovascular diseases, massaging the abdomen can promote blood circulation and improve energy flow in different meridians. How to do it? In a sitting or lying position, usethe palms of your left and right hands to gentlytap your navel 100 times continuously, or stimulate the navel with a warm massage, etc. The skinlayer at the belly button is very thin, so you must be gentle when massaging it to prevent damage to the skin around the belly button. Let’s dive more into the magnificent healing power of the navel.
Elbow Pit Elbow Pit
During the change of seasons from summer to autumn, excessive heat in the heart and lungs can easily trigger sore throat, cough, dry mouth, canker sores, and restless sleep. Regular massage of the elbow pit can effectively detoxify the lung meridian and help relieve these symptoms. The elbow pit is an area with dense meridians, three meridians are passing through it: the lung meridian, the pericardial meridian, and the heart meridian. Regular massage and tapping this area can help release toxins and excess heat from the heart and lung meridians. How to do it? Put four fingers together tap and massage the elbow pit of another arm continuously with moderate to light force for a few minutes on both arms. Pay attention to the rhythm and intensity and do not use too strong force. You can take a break when your elbow is slightly red and sore. If you are afraid of pain, tap this area until it turns red, which indicates increased blood circulation and energy flow in this area. This is a simple and effective way to detoxify your body if you perform it regularly.
heart-pitHeart Pit
The pit of the heart is located in the sternum, it is surrounded by the ribs and xiphoid process to form a “fossa”. It has the spleen on the left, the liver on the right, the heart and lungs on the top, and the stomach and gut at the bottom, which naturally become the key part of the human body. TCM believes this is where the heart energy enters and exits. Therefore, it can affect our emotions and mind. To prevent stasis in the heart meridian, which can cause emotional and mental stress, it is a good idea to keep your heart pit warm. People often attack food when they are in a bad mood, and this can cause stasis in the heart pit because food and stuffy air can easily get stuck there.
Danzhong In addition, there is a Qi outlet point hidden in the heart pit, which is called the Danzhong point (CV-17). This point is located in the midline of the breasts. Danzhong is also a major acupoint for relieving depression and heart palpation. Massaging and stimulating this acupoint with your fingers regularly can help release negative emotions and improve heart functions.
Groin-pitGroin Pit
The groin is the groove between the thigh and the abdomen. This is a relatively private part of the human body, and very often we overlook it. Even when you walk, sit, or lie down every day, you seldom stimulate this area, so it is more likely to cause lymphatic congestion in this area. According to TCM, the liver, spleen, and kidney meridians pass through your groin pit. The energy in the liver and kidney meridians move upwards and connect with the reproductive organs to transport Qi and blood to nourish these organs. If there is a blockage of Qi or energy flow in this area, it can cause weakness of the inner thigh muscles and reproductive system issues, such as impotence in men and menstruation issues in women. How to do it? Relax and stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Use the palms of your hands or fists to tap the groin area at the junction of the inner thigh and the lower abdomen. Gradually increase the pressure from light to moderate until the groin becomes warm. If you want to achieve the best result, try 2-3 times a day for 5 to 10 minutes each time. This practice is not recommended for pregnant women, during menstruation, or right after meals. During the tapping process, you may feel pain in your groin at first. If you persist every day, the pain will gradually lessen and your hands will become more flexible to do it. The intensity of the tapping should be well controlled because the groinis linked to important organs such as the liver and spleen. If the tapping is too strong, it canaffect the normal function of these organs.

butterfly-exerciseThis exercise can boost detoxification, promote weight loss, and increase blood circulation. Alternatively, you can try the “butterfly pose” in yoga, which can achieve similar results. Here is how to do it: in a sitting position, place a thin blanket under your buttocks, relax your back, and place your upper body weight on your buttocks. Then bend your legs, place the soles of your feet facing each other, lean your heels toward your perineum, grab your toes with both hands, open your knees to both sides, and try to stick to the ground as much as possible, keep your back straight, and vibrate your knees in a rhythm up and down for about 10 minutes a day. This exercise also helps loosen tight pelvis and hip muscles.The “Butterfly Pose” can open up the meridians in the legs through frequent movements of the legs, allowing energy and blood to clean up the dead spots in the body like a “broom”. Not only can it help reduce inflammation, but it can also increase the blood supply to the pelvis and abdominal cavity so that the internal organs can be nourished and rejuvenated by increased blood flow. Regular practice of this pose can also regulate urinary function and relieve sciatica pain. In addition, this exercise also has a maintenance effect on men’s prostate. Don’t look at it as a simple technique. Persistence is the key to achieving a long-lasting result.

There are also secret values on your fingers that you can use to boost your health.

Once you have achieved a natural state of well-being with these simple practices, you will notice these key areas of the body will remain pain-free, warm, and soft. Let’s take action, it is free and effective.

I hope you enjoy the information. If you would like to learn more about the amazing healing power of acupoints from the ancient wisdom of TCM, you could check my book “88 Most Important First-Aid Acupoints for Self-care from TCM”. This book includes 88 most important acupoints (acupressure points) from the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine for self-care. It is designed in a beautiful and colorful card fashion, which is very visual and user-friendly to the readers. According to TCM, all illnesses are energetic blockages in the body, acupoints can be viewed as the energetic gates that can amplify the energy flow in certain areas in the body. By stimulating specific acupoints; one can remove those energetic blockages and enhance the energy flow in these areas, thus illnesses will be resolved.

This book covers the most common health challenges, such as cold, fever, cough, sore throat, headache, indigestion, diarrhea/constipation, bloating, insomnia, night sweat, computer syndromes, shoulder pain, and back pain, etc. It can also be used to effectively manage chronic health conditions, such as high blood pressure, chronic pains, diabetes, asthma, heart disease, and weight management; and it can also be used for anti-aging purposes and enhancing longevity.

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