Harness The Magical Power of Ancient Chinese Medicine

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This book gathers the wisdom from ancient Chinese medicine, including how to balance the Yin and Yang energy, how to work on the energetic points of different meridian systems and how to harmonize the Five Elements such as the Fire, Water, Wood, Earth and Metal in our body. It provides a framework to help you develop an easy to follow daily routine that not only cures chronic conditions but also prevents illnesses down the road, and achieves optimal health. The basic concept of this book includes the following:

  1. Morning rituals to boost your energy and immune system
  2. Ear exercises to treat a specific condition and improve overall health
  3. Hand exercises to strengthen organs and sharp the mind
  4. Easy does it to lose weight naturally and permanently
  5. Unique anti-aging tips to achieve a happy long life
  6. Foot care to bring you numerous health benefits

These health tips are easy to follow without the limitations of space and time, you can even enjoy them when you are walking or driving. Day by day they help you improve your health and maximize your capacity to live a life to the fullest because health is the greatest asset.

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4 reviews for Harness The Magical Power of Ancient Chinese Medicine

  1. Linda Jordan

    This book is easy to follow, some tips work right away. I have been following the morning ritual for a week, my headache is gone now and I feel energetic every day. It is a useful and practical guide for maintaining a good health.

  2. Mia Johnson

    This book is a a very informative health guide to our day today life. The health tips provided are tips are very effective and I felt that I gained more strength and easiness in my activities. The information is based on traditional Chinese medicine and I found them really valuable and helpful. Many people waste their money for weight loss medicine and exercise machines but I find the methods mentioned in this book are far more applicable and result oriented.These simple set of exercises will definitely help you for long lasting health and peace in mind.

  3. Maria

    This book is a useful guide for self-care. I tried some of the tips from this book that I like, just for a month, I feel a boost in my energy level, noticeable weight loss, and improved sleep quality. Now, I have been using these tips every day, they surely work.

  4. Diane

    Great information on Traditional Chinese Medicine and a practical guide for self-care and improving health in a holistic approach.

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