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Theta Healing Encoded Belief Work for Love, Health and Wealth

This audio program contains 3 recordings that combines Theta healing and Theta brainwave technology, along with 4 PDF files. The Theta binaural beats will put you into a deep theta state while your subconscious mind is widely open and highly suggestible. The Theta healing energy charged into this audio program is going to clear your limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind at all levels, including core level, genetic level, history level and soul level, and replace with the positive beliefs at all levels to reprogram your subconscious mind and create transformational changes spontaneously in every area of your life.

This audio program also offers different muscle testing techniques to teach you how to identify your limiting beliefs with a long list of common limiting beliefs around health, love and wealth.

Each recording contains 101 belief programs that will instantly reprogram your belief system at the DNA level by releasing those limiting beliefs and replacing them with positive ones. This will completely change your thinking and create your dreamed new reality in no time. You will achieve resilient health and attract love and abundance wherever you go.

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