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Quantum Leap Manifestation Workshop

Learn How To Manifest Your Dreams Quickly

Date: May 28th, 2016
Location: Quality Resort Bayside Hotel | BC, Canada

Do you want financial freedom, better health, more meaningful relationships or all of them? If so, this is the event for you. Manifestation is not a secret – it’s a science. When you understand the key elements of manifestation, your goals and dreams will manifest right in front of your eyes.

This amazing Seminar will open doors to abundance and opportunities you’ve never thought possible. This will definitely shift your consciousness with respect to abundance in all areas of your life.

You will learn how to :

Quantum leap menifestation workshop
  • With our breaking through audio program “Theta Healing Encoded Belief Work for Love, Health and Abundance”, transcend those limiting beliefs and mental blocks that hold you back from reaching your dreams and reprogram your belief system at the DNA level.
  • Experience resilient health, more happiness, love, and abundance in your life with the secret power and application of affirmations.
  • Understand the scientific principles and applications of Eleven Laws that govern your life and results.
  • Develop a constructive and orderly real thinking system that comes from the understanding and inspiration from the Spirit.
  • Develop and experience the magic of “Abundance Consciousness”.
  • Apply the science to think, act, and live in harmony with Universal Laws that lead you directly to a RICHER life.
  • Ten fun and practical ways to attract your desires as quickly as possible – You can attract it!
  • Recognize and seize the opportunities that come in all shapes, sizes and disguises.

Quantum Leap Seminar is designed to help you drastically improve your results in EVERY area of your life.

  • Your life will expand to reach your fullest potential.
  • You’ll be happier, healthier, and experience a richer life.
  • You’ll expect abundance, miracles and true freedom come your way.

Total Value: $550

Ticket price: : Only $150

About the Presenter

Lucy Liu: RD, Clinical Nutritionist, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Master Hypnotist, Master NLP Practitioner, Life Coach and Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner. As the founder of optimalhealthsolutions.ca, my passion is to help you leverage your gifts and talents, bring out the BEST in you, fulfill your deep desires and create your new reality.


  1. Ebook “365 Daily Enlightenment” – The Road to PEAK Health, Happiness, Love, Prosperity and Wealth

    This book provides you 15 key steps to super charge your manifestation power with affirmations, and draws your heart and soul desires quickly. It is packed with enlightened and positive affirmations that will instantly raise your vibration and heighten your consciousness every day, and leads you to a life journey filled with PEAK health, happiness, love, prosperity and wealth.

  2. “Reactivate Your Inner Abundance Genius” mediation recording

    This recording combines a few powerful healing modalities including NLP (Neuro – linguistic Programming) and Kundalini awakening to super charge your creative force within, align your life force with the Infinite Intelligence – the source of miracles, and boost your manifestation power to create your dreamed life.

  3. First 8 people registered will receive Lucy Liu’s unique and in-depth palm reading to help direct your manifestation power to create your new reality faster.

    Lucy Liu started to learn Palmistry at a very young age. She has accumulated many years of knowledge and wisdom in this field. Palmistry is not just about palm reading, it is science. Based on studies, the lines of the palm are formed at the same time when the brain is forming during the first trimester of the pregnancy, which creates a brain-hand connection. It is an ancient philosophy to interpret a person’s character or predict their future.

What People Say

“Lucy lives her life as she encourages others to; striving for happiness...

Jody Vos

Diabetes Educator, BC, Canada
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“I have known Lucy for many years as a co-worker at the hospital I work in. She is an authentic...

Dr Robbie

O’Dwyer, MD, BC, Canada
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“As a nutritionist, I recommend Lucy Liu. I have known her for 10 years. She is a very kind and caring...

Maria Kosher

Montreal, Canada

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“I have known Lucy Liu for approximately 5 years now, and during this time, Lucy has proven to be a very professional...”

Lyndon Ploss

BC, Canada
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“I am pleased to recommend Lucy Liu as she has a commitment to assist others to help themselves...”

Shelina Manji

BC Canada

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Total Value: $550

Ticket price: : Only $150

"Ask, and it shall be given you; Seek, and ye shall find; Knock, and it shall be opened unto you"

~ Matthew 7:7