Intuitive Reading Session 60 Minutes

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$120.00 $100.00

Intuitive Reading Session Features: Palm Reading, Tarot Card and Oracle Card Reading, Future Timeline Reading, Relationship Compatibility Analysis, Body Scan, Vedic Astrology, Angel Healing, Chakra Healing, Theta Healing, Manifestation and more…

3 reviews for Intuitive Reading Session 60 Minutes

  1. Brielle

    After a difficult end to a toxic family situation, I deeply needed the healing, spiritual guidance, and coaching that Lucy offers. I’ve recently had my first sessions with her, and they have provided me with immense clarity. In just one hour, she has provided me with so, so much more than I ever could have anticipated. We are working together to create a new and positive reality, and I have such faith in her skills, her words, and her ability to help me to a better space in my life.

    In the first minutes of talking with Lucy, I was inspired by her abilities to understand, to read between the lines, and to interpret what I was telling her about myself. She is caring and was able to help define my troubles for me in a way that I had not been able to explain them. She is insightful and incredibly empowering.

    Her life coaching services are very powerful. With her deep intuition about me as a person, I have no doubts that the future she is helping me to build for myself will be a happier and more successful one. I feel a sense of calm in my life now that I can feel my self-doubt and feat lifting.

  2. Rose

    Great experience with Lucy, she is positive and inspirational. Her reading is in-depth and full of wisdom, she tracked down the root cause of my health challenges that I was not aware of and developed a plan for me to improve my health conditions with some energy work and nutrition, I feel great after the session and very thankful for her help.

  3. Lenna

    Lucy’s reading is in-depth and full of knowledge and wisdom, open my eyes to how to create a better future in a conscious way and avoid painful setbacks and repetitive patterns.

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