Harmonious Weight Loss Package

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This program combines powerful NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) techniques and advanced hypnosis techniques. Theta healing is utilized to change your limiting beliefs about weight and body images at the DNA level. Your body and mind are united to achieve your weight loss goal faster and create transformational changes in every aspect of your life. Best of all, it has our secret weapon – the “Harmonious Weight Loss Formula” that guides your ongoing weight loss success, and harmonizes with customized meal plans that are carefully designed by our registered Dietitian and health expert. Along with effective coaching series to help you create an irresistible healthy body image from the inside out and achieve your best version quickly!

5 reviews for Harmonious Weight Loss Package

  1. Masha

    If you want a weight loss program that works, try this one. It surely works for me! I become more confident and more positive now, and I have been able to keep weight off!

  2. Stephanie M.

    I’ve tried every diet known to man, but not until I was able to change my thinking and limiting beliefs about the weight and body image, I would always gain the weight back. I truly believe that “Harmonious Weight Loss Program” was my key to successful weight loss and my self-esteem and confidence have gone up tremendously. I recommend this program to any young woman who is struggling with weight loss and body image issues like me.

  3. Lucy Wu

    This is such a great program that helped me lose 15 lbs easily less than 2 months.

  4. Vanessa K.

    This weight loss program has helped me to address my issues with achieving weight loss from all ends. My biggest issue was not a physical one; I didn’t have any illness or abnormality that stopped me from losing weight. I had a collection of mental roadblocks that stopped me from overcoming the challenges that lead to the path of health and fitness.

    This program helped me with my many weak points. It addresses cravings and overeating, unhealthy eating patterns, motivation, body image, determination to exercise, and even my views about my ability to lose and keep off weight. I was able to accept these messages into my life, and it has truly changed my thinking and helped the internal struggle and harmful voices to stop sabotaging me.

    The meal plan was easy for me to follow, and it felt good knowing that it is coming from a licensed dietitian.

    I am also thrilled with how I felt after listening to these recordings. The feeling has not faded; it has helped me to change myself from the inside, addressing the mental symptoms of my inability to lose weight, and has allowed to me keep the weight off and continue losing. I’m more motivated and hopeful than ever. I lost 20 lbs so far in a short period of time, and that is a great achievement for me!

  5. Jeannette

    This weight loss package is easy to follow, pretty effective for weight loss, helps build confidence too, I like how this program is designed, changing from the inside out. So far, I not only lost weight but also feel great about myself and my body image.

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