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Your Second Lifeline Comes from Your Spine

Human Spine

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Du Vessel Governs all of the Yang meridians in the body, which is critical for our health and longevity, and the energy of the Du Vessel runs through our spine. You can see how important your spine is in terms of your physical health. “Du” in Chinese means the “govern”. The Du channel represents our ability to rule our …

July 28, 2021

by: Lucy Liu

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June Full Moon Predictions – Golden Stargate and Super Manifestation

Solar eclipse gemini

The energy in June is fast-moving and energized because Gemini is an air sign. That is only a part of the story, there are lots of events happening in June, let’s take a snapshot: on June 10th, we are going through a solar eclipse in Gemini; on June 14th, we are encountering the second Saturn …

June 9, 2021

by: Lucy Liu

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15 Magic Cures of Ginger


There is an old Chinese saying, “If you eat lobok in winter and ginger in summer, you will stay away from the prescriptions of your doctor.” From this, you can see the amazing healing power of ginger. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), ginger is called small ginseng. Have you ever noticed that your body …

May 8, 2021

by: Lucy Liu

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April Scorpio Full Moon – Release and Rebirth

Scrpio Full Moon

April full moon is called Pink Full Moon, it is a super Full Moon and it will be the biggest and brightest of the year, which will reveal our deep emotions and dark secrets. Numerology impact This full moon will occur on April 26th at 11:33pm EDT. Number 26 breaking down to the single digits …

April 20, 2021

by: Lucy Liu

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March Libra Super Moon – Changes and Romance Are in the Air!

March 28th is a super full moon called Warm Full Moon at 8 degrees and 18 minutes of Libra, the Sun in Aries forms an opposition to the Libra full Moon.  Numerology Significance With triple 8 presented in this full moon: March 28th, at 8 degrees and 18 minutes, this full moon can reflect the …

March 24, 2021

by: Lucy Liu

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11 Tips to Get Your Voice Back on Track FAST!

Have you suffered from a strained voice? No doubt, this is very common among singers and speakers who use their voice to a great extent. Many people suffer from chronic laryngitis, which can also strain their voice, but we often target the throat, I think many factors contribute to this. I think a few other …

March 17, 2021

by: Lucy Liu

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Virgo Full Moon in February – Self-Care is the Priority

The full moon on Feb. 27th is called Snow Moondue to the heavy snowfall expected during the month. and we happened to have the first big snow here in BC, this full moon will be at 3:17am based on the U.S. Eastern time and fall into the zodiac sign of Virgo. Virgo is an earth …

February 17, 2021

by: Lucy Liu

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The Top 9 BEST Health Posts Of 2020

Here are some top health posts we designed in 2020 to help boost your health and vitality. They are well-blended with the information from TCM, herbal medicine, and natural remedies.

January 21, 2021

by: Lucy Liu

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The Dawn of the New Age –The Winter Solstice of 2020

The Great Conjunction

The most exciting time in human history is coming, we were born to witness and participate this massive consciousness shift globally and at the galactic level. Nothing can stop what is coming, absolutely nothing! Starting on Dec.21st, 2020, every soul on this planet will experience this energy vortex that is coming, it is the preparation …

December 20, 2020

by: Lucy Liu

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How to Check and Enhance Your Digestive Function with TCM

Yellow Color Food

Do you know that four out of every 10 adults are suffering from digestive disorders of varying severity in the world? That is shockingly high with a rate of 40%. When you think of the digestive system, the first organ associated with it is the stomach. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), both the stomach …

November 17, 2020

by: Lucy Liu

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