When it comes to the definition of health, many people focus on physical health. A healthy state of a human being includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. According to TCM, negative emotions such as sadness, fear, anger, anxiety, and depression are the root causes of many health challenges. Each of your internal organs is also associated with different emotions, for example, anger can damage your liver function, and grief can weaken your lungs.

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Our mental and emotional health determines our overall well-being. If we are depressed mentally and emotionally, it can suppress our immune system and affect our overall health. Relationships are one of the most important areas in our lives that impact our emotional well-being. Many people suffer from depression and heartbreaks after a painful breakup with their partners. A healthy relationship can not only bring emotional satisfaction but also enhance our longevity. How to determine potential long-term healthy relationships? There are five key elements that determine a healthy relationship.


1. Mutual Respect

Any healthy relationship is based on mutual respect. According to a study by psychologists at the University of California and the University of Washington, 93% of divorce is caused by contempt, criticism, and defensiveness.

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2. Similar Wavelength

We attract what we vibrate at. If two of you have a lot in common, the energy together will be amplified. If the result of combining is a general increase overall, you have found a compatible partner. Here is another example, we all have growth patterns. If you and your partner are on a similar wavelength for growth, you two can swim together through the ups and downs in life harmoniously. According to numerology, every 9 years is a growth cycle. For example, when you are in your year 5 of the 9-year cycle, which may trigger your yearning for freedom and adventure, while your partner is in his year 4 of the 9-year cycle, he is busy getting the work down. One wants to travel and another one wants to work during a particular year, this conflict can affect the harmony and balance in a relationship.

3. Assertive Pressure

The power struggle is a common cause of relationship breakups. If both of you have a strong personality and dominant nature, the power struggle between the two of you can be an issue in the relationship, it takes lots of intellectual understanding and diplomacy to prevent conflicts. For example, if you are an alpha female, maybe it is not a good idea to find an alpha male or both of you are aware of this challenge and make adjustments accordingly if you are really attracted to each other. Some men have a controlling issue, which may be associated with immaturity.


4. Trust and Honesty

Trust and honesty are the foundation of a lasting relationship. The first question you should ask yourself is whether you are honest with yourself and others. Being emotionally honest with both yourself and your partner is a very good starting place when developing a healthy relationship. This requires making your actions match your words and accepting your partner as a separate person. If your partner doesn’t see things the same way as you do. It just means that you are two people who observe the world from different perspectives. This will save lots of energy for conflicts in communication.


5. Communication

Unhealthy communication starts with negative thoughts and emotions. It is important to be mindful of what is going through your mind when you communicate with someone. We live in a world where we have more supply of good talkers than active listeners. listening is a more important skill to practice than talking. It requires listening without thinking of what to say next and not judging what you hear. The art of communication is not about winning or losing, it is about being happy on both ends. Make sure you understand your emotions and express them in a non-judgmental way.

Here is a common scenario in dating, if your partner didn’t respond to a message immediately or failed to call you at the agreed time, your impulse may trigger you to jump to the conclusion that she or he may be fooling around. This thinking trap is particularly dangerous as our mind tends to look for information to feed the story. Once you have decided that your partner is unfaithful, you are likely to see evidence in every corner because this is the way your brain works. The first step to getting out of a thinking trap is recognizing it. Once you have realized what kind of program your mind is running, you are ready to pull yourself out of the downward spiral of negative thoughts. Next, remind yourself that most events are neutral. It is the way you decide to look at them, which categorizes them as good or bad. Thirdly, change your focus. A great way to do this is to be mindful with a non-judgmental presence at the moment. Mindfulness will tame those wild-running horses and reduce emotional judgments. Remember, what you focus upon grows, so invest your thoughts wisely.

How to predict a long-lasting relationship?

Did you know that all your long-term relationships are imprinted in your hands?palmistry Palmistry is not just about palm reading, it is science. Based on studies, the lines in the palms are formed at the same time when the brain is developing during the first trimester of the pregnancy, which creates a brain-hand connection. From the energy field, when the soul enters the body during a fetus state, the energy comes through the fingers and leaves the soul imprint in the hands, this is why the shape and texture of your palms reflect your personality and character. Palmistry is ancient wisdom to interpret a person’s character and predict their future.

love in astrologyIn terms of relationships, after reading thousands of palms since I started palm reading at the age of nine, I’ve discovered that all the long-relationships are soul agreements before we incarnate here. After a person is born, all the long-term relationships are already predetermined and indicated in their hands, your palms also predict the timelines of these long-term relationships. How many children you are going to have in this lifetime are also indicated in your hands, including their genders because this is also a soul agreement before incarnation.

Your career path and changes can be predicted from your palms too because your soul had already chosen the path before coming here. Your health conditions are also demonstrated in your hands and this can be validated by the ancient wisdom of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Basically, your hands carry a blueprint of your life path for your incarnation, and how well you perform these major events in this life is based on your free will.

Today, online dating becomes more and more popular. However, the avatars described in the profiles on these dating sites can be a totally different story in reality. Have you ever thought about why arranged marriages in India had high success rates in the past? Because they are evaluated by Vedic astrologers before the arrangements. Astrology can provide you with information on the compatibility of a relationship, your palm can predict when you are likely going to meet this long-term partner, and tarot cards can reveal whether the mate you meet online will be fruitful. Those who are open-minded can take advantage of these ancient tools and wisdom to save their precious time searching for a life partner and prevent heartbreaks and protect their emotional well-being, which can significantly improve the quality of relationships and safeguard their emotional and mental health.

Personal Readings

If you are interested in a palm reading or a relationship compatibility analysis based on numerology, palmistry, and Vedic astrology, I do offer online readings based on the screenshots of your hands if you are not from local areas. All the personal information and readings will be remained private based on the universal law. please check a variety of readings that I offer.

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