Rapid advancements in technology have revolutionized the medical space. We now have faster detection for diseases and more efficient and precise solutions to them. And while we have been able to move forward in the world of medicine, the causes for some conditions remain unclear as well as their treatment. One such condition is scoliosis. Your spine is your central support system. Any minor issues in it can affect your entire body’s functionality. Scoliosis is a popular term used in spinal health circles. And spinal decompression may be advised for its treatment. But before we learn if this procedure is actually effective, it is important to understand how the spine works, what scoliosis is, and how spinal decompression works.

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Understanding The Spine

The spin is typically made up of 12 individual bones called vertebrae. These are separated by discs. The discs allow the spine to be flexible.

There are three primary regions of the spine. The first is the neck region which has seven cervical vertebrae. The second is the chest region, containing twelve thoracic vertebrae. And lastly, we have the lower back region which has five lumbar vertebrae.

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In addition, there are five fused vertebrae that make up the sacrum, commonly referred to as the tailbone. More importantly, the spine protects the spinal cord and provides a base of support for the head and internal organs. It is a functional link between your arms and legs and provides mobility for your trunk.

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What Is Scoliosis?

In its normal state, the spinal column is straight. However, sometimes your spine can curve and rotate in an S shape or a C shape. This is known as scoliosis.

A scoliotic curve is more than 10 degrees. When scoliosis is present, you will see a sideways shift of a spine to the right or to the left. Approximately 10% of the population has small curves less than 10 degrees. These are of no consequence to function or health. This condition is called spinal asymmetry.

For scoliosis, an x-ray is carried out to determine the curve of the spine in degrees. This condition is usually found in the thoracic and lumbar sections of the spine.

Since your ribs are connected to the spine, when the spine rotates, it raises the ribs and creates a rib hump. This is especially noticeable when you bend forward. People with scoliosis may also notice differences in their chest or breast sizes, shoulders, or waist. They may appear uneven. This curve may even become larger as you grow.

Many underlying conditions are responsible for scoliosis. But the most common form is idiopathic, which means causes unknown. Researchers have discovered that idiopathic scoliosis tends to be a genetic disorder. Genetic disposition is usually considered to be a cause of scoliosis in children. But for adults, it is usually just degeneration and ageing.

Among other potential solutions for scoliosis, spinal decompression is emerging as a popular and effective treatment. Visit Dr. Brad Deakin – spinal decompression expert in Ontario, Canada.

But what exactly is spinal decompression?


Solution to Scoliosis: Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is a surgical procedure that is used to treat people who have degenerative diseases of the spine. The degenerative disease causes compression of the nerves within the spinal canal.

In simple terms, spinal decompression is a procedure that creates more space for the nerves within the spinal canal to alleviate the symptoms of pain that are often associated with certain conditions of the spine but especially scoliosis.

In this procedure, traction is used and applied by the specialist to the patient’s back. Gentle pressure is applied to pull the vertebrae apart just a little, slowly. The vertebrae are stretched apart to create a negative pressure in between the vertebrae and the disc.

Spine decompression is reported to be effective and successful for not only curbing the symptoms but the treatment of scoliosis. It might even correct slight irregularities in the curvature of someone’s spine. Multiple sessions of treatment may be required in some cases.

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