The energy in April is chaotic and eventful. Pluto will retrograde on April 29th, which marks the first planetary retrograde since February. We are still in a retrograde-free zone until then, so the energy in April is hot and speedy with two new moons at the beginning and the end of the month, and a solar eclipse at the end of April.Are you ready for the big shift?

Numerology Significance

April full moon will arrive on April 16th, which is associated both with the number 6 and 7 (1+6 = 7). This highlights vision and spirituality. With the big conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune on April 12th, astrology for this month is calling us to dream big and follow our vision. With the solar eclipse on April 30th and Jupiter Neptune conjunction on April 12th (1+2 = 3), the number 3 is also highlighted in this month. The number 3 emphasizes our expression and communication, also our creativity. We will likely see more creative projects on virtual realities and social media.

Aries new moon

Aries New Moon – Calls upon Action

Let’s talk about the Aries vibe, as the first sign of the zodiac; people with Aries demonstrate assertive, initiative, adventurous, pioneering, courageous, confident, and dynamic leadership qualities. The new moon on April 1stwill fall into dominant and impatient Aries, Mars rules Aries, and Mars-Saturn conjunction creates tension between speed and brakes. This new moon is in conjunction with Mercury and Chiron, and in harmony with Mars in Aquarius. Wounded healer Chiron represents our health and healing, with impatient energy from Mars, we may become irritated and frustrated about the propagandas in our healthcare through social media. With the disciplinary energy of Saturn, this is a great time to initiate a new project. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac; this new moon signals the beginning of a new cycle. Both moon and sun are close to the wounded healer – Chiron, this new moon can bring lots of healing energy to our planet. People want to learn more self-healing knowledge to take care of their health after experiencing disappointment and misinformation from mainstream media and our healthcare system. This new moon is a great time to initiate a new project, a new business, or a new daily routine.

Saturn and Mars conjunction The initiative and action-speaking energy of Aries can make things happen and get things done! Around April 4th, Saturn is conjunct with Mars in Aquarius. Saturn represents boundaries and restriction, while Mars is associated with willpower and fight. There is a lot of power struggle building up between governments and people. We are likely going to see increased military activities. This can trigger intense events around this time.This new moon is calling for action.

Jupiter and Neptune conjunction

Jupiter and Neptune Conjunction – Expands Our Consciousness

This significant conjunction will arrive on April 12th, which only happens every 166 years in Pisces. Co-ruler Neptune and the main rule Jupiter are both in the water sign Pisces. This is a great time for inspiration, compassion, spirituality, and creativity. With two rulers in one sign, this is going to triple our manifestation power. This conjunction takes place at 23 degrees in Pisces. If you have any sign of 23 degrees in your birth chart, this can be an unusual time of expansion and big dreams coming to fruition. Jupiter is associated with expansion, growth, good luck, and good fortune, while Neptune brings unconditional love, compassion, and vivid dreams. Put them together in the dreamy and spiritual sign Pisces, you are going to dive into your big dreams. Interestingly enough, on April 9th and 10th, the North Lunar Node is also at 23 degrees in Taurus and South Node at 23 degrees in Scorpio. All these synchronicities really highlight 23 degrees, which is the number 5 (2+3 =5). The number 5 is associated with freedom, which has a very high vibration and fits right into the heart of this big conjunction. Isn’t freedom being what we have been yearning for?

Libra full moon

Libra Full Moon – Balance Is the Key

Libra full moon will land on April 16th. Libra is about balance, diplomacy, and justice. This full moon is in a challenging T – square with transformative Pluto. Mercury is in alignment with unpredictable Uranus and next to the North Lunar Node. Venus is in harmony with Mercury and Uranus, which flavors communications in relationships, you may have an unexpected encounter to spark a new relationship. This full moon is not in alignment with the North lunar Node, which is where we are heading as a collective. This indicates we are hesitant about our decision-making due to our emotional baggage and fear of sudden changes and uncertainty in the future. Right after the full moon. On April 18th, the moon will be in conjunction with the South Lunar Node and in harmony with Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus. It is time to let go of old situations and environments that don’t serve you anymore and follow your creativity, intuition, and your inner moonlight to unlock the infinite opportunities in front of you. We are indeed at the turning point of historical changes right here and right now. Your best guidance comes from your intuition and your soul desires, this is what will lead to your soul purpose in this lifetime.

Solar eclipse

A Solar Eclipse in Taurus – Changes Are on the Horizon

A new moon along with a solar eclipse will occur on April 30th. Eclipses are known for bringing fast-paced shifts and sudden changes. This Solar Eclipse occurs when Venus is tightly conjunct with Jupiter in Pisces. Since Venus is the ruler of Taurus, it makes this solar eclipse very significant. This eclipse aligns with Uranus and Mars and is close to the North Lunar Node, which signifies a new beginning. Taurus is associated with finance, security, agriculture, and our food supplies. This is a time to re-evaluate our relationship with money and possessions and discover what truly makes us happy. Our financial system is also undergoing fundamental changes. A new money system that is backed up by precious metals is already in the making. Banks and governments cannot just print off money out of the thin air and inflate and manipulate our daily life. Mars brings us strength and self-empowerment. Unpredictable Uranus can bring us sudden changes in the next six months related to Taurus themes.


At the personal level

Aries generally prioritizes our desires and needs, but the Libra full moon helps us find harmony and balance with the needs of others. With the full moon square Pluto, this can bring transformation to your relationships, either for the better or letting go. You may also experience suppressed emotions, which can cause emotional stress, it is a good idea to release your negative emotions consciously through meditation, a diary, and communication. With Jupiter and Neptune in conjunction in Pisces, we will experience increased emotional sensitivity. At the higher level, Neptune represents unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, and spirituality, at the lower level, Neptune is linked to illusion and duality. Jupiter will expand what you focus on. If you focus on spirituality during this time, you can expand your consciousness and sharpen your intuition with the expansive energy of Jupiter. You may also experience vivid dreams and receive messages from higher realms. If you live in fear and anxiety due to uncertainty of the future, Jupiter will expand that too, so be aware of what you focus upon because what you focus on will expand. Pisces also helps increase our feminine energy to receive and manifest. This is a great time to manifest your big dreams or create a masterpiece of your artwork. Are you ready to take a leap of faith and dive into the unknown future?

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