Aquarius full moon

The energy in August is at an all-time high. On August 8th, Lions Gate shines the light in the sky. On August 22nd, we are expecting another Aquarius Full Moon, which calls upon us for serving the greater good of humanity. Leo energy is in charge in August. Leo energy is very creative and expressive, it demonstrates leadership and confidence. We do need more cheerleaders during this challenging and chaotic time.
Leo is linked to our heart, our body also follows the cosmic energy in the universe. There are 12 meridians in the human body and the energy runs through these meridian channels. Coincidently, there are 12 ley lines on the earth, the energy is running through these ley lines just like what happens in our body. This is why all these ancient wonders such as the Great Pyramid of Giza and Stonehenge, etc., were all built on these ley lines because the ancients knew how to harness the energy on the earth. In TCM, the energy is peaking in the heart meridian in summer. This is the time to take care of your heart health and your emotional well-being. With Leo energy focused in our heart chakra, it asks you to build a solid healthy boundary and stay away from people and situations that drain your energy and emotions.

Numerology Significance

The Lions Gate arrived on August 8th, number 88 is the symbol of infinity, prosperity, and abundance, which brings very positive and prosperous energy to our planet, I certainly feel a significant energy shift this month. Aquarius Full Moon will arrive on August 22nd, number 22 is a master number, it indicates the rebuilding of the new earth at a large scale. Aquarius is calling upon each of us to make a conscious effort to build the new earth that is filled with prosperity and harmony.

Lions Gate

Lions Gate Alignment

August 8th is the new moon in the zodiac sign of Leo, it is also the date for the Lions Gate alignment. This is when the sun is in Leo and the brightest star Sirius is moving close to the earth in alignment with the Orion Belt. The ancient Egyptians placed a high value on the star Sirius because the rising of the star Sirius coincides with the flood of the Nile River in ancient Egypt, they viewed the star Sirius as prosperity and fertility. This is why the pyramids in Egypt are in alignment with the star Sirius. New energy and high-frequency codes were downloaded from the Central Sun – the portal of our solar system through 88 infinity Lions Gate, it is the greatest energy shift of the year. The ending of the Mayan Calendar on Dec.21, 2012, signals the dawn of a new cycle and new age, the mirror number of 2012 is 2021, we are right here at this historical turning point. The Lions Gate this year holds its significance because it is at Zero Point – a point that our journey of ascension has no return! Humanity has already won! Rest is history but we will never forget what happened in our history for the generations to come!


A Detailed Analysis

At the beginning of August, Mercury conjunct with the sun and opposite Saturn, which asks for a critical analysis about Saturn’s restrictive agendas such as lockdowns and vaccine passports, etc. At the end of the month, Mercury conjuncts with the sun and squares Uranus, Uranus energy is to breakdown to breakthrough, which can trigger lots of heat in social media, perhaps some shocking news too.

On August 18th, Mercury will move to its own sign Virgo and conjuncts with impatient Mars, which will likely trigger some lawsuits and accusation in current political fields, there are lots of lawsuits about covid vaccine already going on. On August 20th, Uranus stationary retrogrades in its own sign – Aquarius, there are a few planets that retrograde in August, including Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, which requires us to be more alert and use our intuition to guide us along this roller-coaster time.
Mercury opposites Neptune, which adds more clouds in communication and causes confusion and misunderstanding in communication, also deceptions. Mercury is also in harmony with Pluto, the transformative energy of Pluto will require us to dive deep into the truth and get to the bottom of the issues. Hidden secrets and agendas may be revealed towards the end of this month. On Oct.27th right after the full moon, the square between Aries, Pluto, and Saturn will trigger lots of tension. The fighter’s energy from Aries is going to challenge Saturn’s restrictive and controlling structure. Plus the energy of Saturn squares Uranus has been dominating the whole year. Lots of dramas and street fights will likely play out. This full moon is in alignment with Jupiter in the 6th house in Washington D.C, 6th house is related to our health and daily jobs, so you will see lots of activities going on in healthcare, particularly related to the covid vaccine. Jupiter retrogrades back to Aquarius to finish the unfinished business from last December, which means more changes are coming related to human freedom and communication, such as the regulation of the censorship from big TECH, and more new social media platforms are surging.Venus is in harmony with Saturn, which can bring harmony in relationships, especially for commitment and responsibilities.
On August 22nd, we are expecting a second Aquarius full moon, right before the full moon, Uranus will retrograde, which can trigger some unexpected changes during this full moon period. Since Uranus is in the sign of Taurus, we may hear some unexpected news related to our food supplies and banking system. With Jupiter conjuncts with the full moon, it can bring in expansive energy for growth in terms of new social media and new technology. The good news is that Jupiter conjuncts the full Moon that brings optimism, prosperity, good luck, and success. Venus trine Saturn favors stability and commitment in relationships, while Mars trine Uranus adds passion and excitement for relationships. This full moon creates great opportunities for intimate relationships.

take back powerFull Moon Influences at the individual level

Lions Gate Alignment brings in high-frequency energy to help lift our vibration and keep us positive. We are indeed in a battlefield due to polarized polarity in our reality. It is necessary to stay alert and use your intuition to guide your decision-making. It is also critical to dive deep into the truth from different sources because there is so much misinformation out there. Humans have been deeply programmed for thousands of years, this is the time to unlearn and un-program those limiting beliefs that have been sabotaging our potentials for so long, this is the time to take back our power and sovereignty. With the Zero Point energy from Lions Gate, this is a great time to manifest your heart desires and create a new path by following your heart. Yes, the current situation seems chaotic, but what lies in the near future is absolutely positive and prosperous that is beyond your imagination, remember that we are creative beings, we have to create it to believe it. What do you think?

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