The energy in December is just as intense as what we experienced in November. First, a solar eclipse in Sagittarius opened the stage, followed by a Cold Full Moon in Gemini, and ends with the winter solstice on December 21st.

Numerology Significance

December is 12, which is the mirror number of 21, winter solstice also ends on 21, we see number 21 and its mirror number 12 in the year (2021), month (12), and day (21) repeatedly, which is number 3 (1+2 =3). Number 3 is all about communication, which correlates with the Gemini Full this month. The theme of December is communication. The Gemini Full moon will occur on December 18th at 11:36 pm EST, which arrives at number 9 (1+8 =9). Number 9 is associated with ending and changes, as we are approaching the end of this year, we start to see the closing scripts of this grand movie that has been staged for two years globally in terms of its intensity. So what is 2022 going to bring us? I think everyone is curious about the new script that will land next year. Let’s dive into the energy in December.

sagittarius solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

On Dec.4th, the new moon arrived in Sagittarius in the South Node, it indicates we have to let go of the old situations that don’t serve us anymore and create our new reality. Neptune opposites the new moon, it is important for us to do a reality check and analyze the situation when we create our new dreams. Neptune may cause an illusion in your reality that your dreams may be far from reach. The moon in the goal-orientated Sagittarius can help us focus on our goals and achieve success in the future. This is also a powerful total solar eclipse in the Sagittarius and Gemini axis, and it is the last eclipse for this axis and moves to Taurus and Scorpio eclipse season next year. Eclipses usually trigger rapid changes, endings, and new beginnings. This solar eclipse is in the South Node, which suggests us let go of the old paradigm and take a leap to the unknown future, this can be a challenge for many people to let go of the comfortable past and refuse to accept the changes in our reality. Once we are able to focus on our energy to the new beginning, exciting new opportunities will present themselves to us.

gemini full moon

Gemini Full Moon on December 18th

Gemini Full moon will occur on Dec.18th, Jupiter in Aquarius is in harmony with both the sun and the moon, which flavors traveling, it also brings in optimism and a positive outlook for this holiday season. The Gemini-Sagittarius polarity is a mental axis, Gemini represents the “lower mind” and Sagittarius represents the “higher mind”. Gemini emphasizes facts and logic, while Sagittarius focuses on vision and higher knowledge.

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and it is square the wounded healer Chiron, this highlights healthcare and healing during this full moon, Gemini brings in more facts and information in our current healthcare system, many people become aware of the agenda of big pharma, which is $science and follow the money, and more people are drawn to natural and alternative healing methods.

Venus conjuncts with Pluto in Capricorn during this full moon and generates a spotlight. Venus is associated with finance and romance, with the transformative energy of Pluto, we may see some shocking news in the stock market. Some dark secrets may be revealed with penetrating energy from Pluto, especially related to child trafficking and sex slaves. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, which can bring in limitations and restrictions, with Venus retrograde right after the full moon, we may see the shortage of certain supplies for this holiday season.

This full moon is opposite the sun in Sagittarius, which is very close to the galactic center. Jupiter as the ruler of Sagittarius in Aquarius is trine the full moon and sextile the sun, which acts as a releasing point of this full moon energy to the future. This helps uplift our mood and brings us a positive outlook about the future. This full moon is widely square Neptune and tightly in harmony with Jupiter, our visions and dreams can be strongly stimulated by this favorable energy.


Winter Solstice on Dec.21st

Winter Solstice is one the most powerful time of the year as the axis of the Earth changes its direction. For three days around the solstice points, we will experience the power of the standstill point and the shift of direction. Winter Solstice directs us to shift our consciousness with intention and take advantage of this cosmic energy to manifest a new reality as we enter the new year.

We are going to experience the last Saturn and Uranus square on Dec.23rd, the tension between freedom and control has been going on through the whole year. As the third and final clash between the planet of control -Saturn and the planet of freedom -Uranus arrives, we can expect dramatic changes in governments around the world, even natural disasters, which can continue into 2022. As we enter the Tiger year in 2022 according to the Chinese zodiac, the changes will speed up with impulsive tiger energy. With transformative Pluto return in February next year in the natal chart of the United States, we shall see that the U.S will lead the world for big transformations. Nothing can stop what is coming.

Goddess of Venus

At the personal level

Venus is retrograde from Dec.19th to Jan.29th in Capricorn and stays in Capricorn until March
next year, which reminds you about emotional security in relationships. It is not a good time to take a risk in relationships. Venus retrograde suggests you question your relationships, are you losing yourself in a relationship? With Venus retrograde, it is not a good idea to take a financial risk as well. If you start a new relationship during Venus retrograde, that person may have unfinished business from his/her past relationships. You should take it slow and carefully exam the situation before rushing into the relationship. Venus retrograde may bring an old lover from the past, it is important to re-evaluate the situation and don’t jump into it too quickly. Venus and Pluto conjunction can also bring in obsessive energy in the relationship, it is important to keep balance and a healthy boundary in a relationship instead of losing yourself in a relationship.

There was a similar solar eclipse in Sagittarius at the end of 2002, you could recall what happened during that period because a similar event can happen again during this eclipse, which will have an impact on your life for about 6 months. 2002 is a remote past, but if something significant happened in your life during that period, your memory will pick up quickly. For example, your relationship suddenly ended, or you started a brand new career during that period, just some ideas to help you develop a practical new year plan. Are you ready for the big changes in 2022?

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