Magical Power of Your Hands

Do you know that your hands can be a magical tool for your health? According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), your hands are like a mini-universe that reflect your over health. This is the reason why palm reading can be a useful tool to predict your health challenges. From the reflexology, your hands are just like your feet that reflect your internal organs and spell the layout of your whole body. By stimulating the certain parts of your hands, you can give your internal organs a good massage and even get rid of some stubborn health challenges that have been bothering you for a while. Let’s dive into the magic power of your hands now.
Neck issues Neck issuesToday more and more people are suffering from the stiffness and discomfort of the neck. Why? Because we are so busy with our little cell phones and tablets all day long and forget how to live. Do you know that your poor neck has to support such a heavy head that is about 10 to 12 pounds on average all day long? No wonder many of us are experiencing the headaches and shoulder pain without knowing the victim is the neck. Did you pay attention to the messages of the pain and soreness from your neck? If you bend your head to 60 degrees, it adds almost 60 pounds to your neck;your hands even have the trouble to lift such a heavy load. The image below will show you how much pressure that you add onto your neck when you bend your heads to various degrees.

joint massageCervical spondylosis can lead to many health challenges and cause lots ofdiscomfort in our body. But don’t worry;let your thumb take care of your neck. How to do it? Very simple! Pull the thumb like this, pull and hold it, then pinch it.Giving your thumb a good massage regularly will make your neck feel good.


constipationConstipation has been very common among us due to the prolonged sitting at work today, it causes the waste and toxins built up in the body and very uncomfortable too. Well massaging the center of your palm can help prevent constipation. According to TCM, the large intestine meridian channel passes through the center of your palm, when you stimulate this area; it is like to give your large intestine a good massage to make it work more efficiently. You can use this method of scratching to increase the strength of the massage, and stop until you feel the warm sensation in your palm.

Stomach discomfort

stomach discomfortMany people are suffering from stomach discomfort due to a fast pace at work and not able to follow a sound routine to eat on time these days. Here comes the remedy for your stomach issues right in your hands. Right below the center of your palm is where the stomach meridian channels merge according to TCM. By massaging this area for a few minutes, your stomach will be at ease, so is your digestion.


fatigueFirst, let’s figure out where Hegu acupressure point is located according to TCM. Close your thumb along with other fingers, the depression near the tiger’s mouth between your thumb and index finger is the location for Hegu acupressure point. Pressing Heguacupressure points regularly can reduce fatigue, prevent the dark circles around the eyes, and keep yourbrain clear and sharp. It is one of the most important acupressure points that can help prevent head and face related issues.


toothacheWhen you have a toothache or a headache, gently pinch the tiger’s mouth between your thumb and index finger, it can effectively relieve the pain.

Do you know that your ears are also a magical tool to prevent a toothache and sore throat?


coughA cough is one of the most popular health-related topics in winter. Imagine how it feels like to stay up all night with a chesty cough that seems unstoppable? There is a magical spot in your hand that can help you get rid of a bad cough easily. This magical spot is right located at the base of your thumb where the muscle is raised. It is called the thenar eminence in TCM. Yuji acupressure point is right located here. It is one of the most important acupressure points in the lung meridian channel. By massaging this area regularly, it can not only prevent a cough but also relieve a nasty cough.

Here are more tips from TCM is stop a cold or a stubborn cough quickly.


arthritis step oneWinter time is when arthritis can flare up, exercise your fingers and massage the joints in the fingers can produce the effect of relaxing the muscles and promoting blood circulation, which can effectively prevent arthritis. Here is a set of simple finger exercises to boost your health that you can practice anywhere and anytime. Let’s start now.

Step one: Put your hand on the table, turn the index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger to the direction of the thumb, then move back in the opposite direction.

step twoStep two: Raise your hand and make an O-shape with your index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger and the thumb one by one, repeat this exercise two to three times.

step threeStep three: Bend your fingers into a C shape and repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times.

step fourStep four: Make a fist and repeat it 10 to 15 times.

The feet exercises are just as simple as the finger exercises, and they do wonders to your health.

These finger exercises only take a few minutes a day, they not only help prevent arthritis, but also improve your overall health, and persistence is the key. I hope you enjoy the information and stay tuned; part two packed with more interesting information will come soon. What are your favorite finger exercises? Please share with us.

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