The Full moon in May occurs on May 5th in the Zodiac sign of Scorpio, which is also a lunar eclipse. It is called the Flower Moon because it reflects the changes taking place in nature.


Numerology Significance

May 5th represents two 5s. Interestingly enough, this full moon happens to occur at 14 degrees of Scorpio, which adds up to triple 5. Number 5 represents freedom and self-empowerment, which is much needed with the rising of Christ’s consciousness and the Age of Aquarius. Freedom and sovereignty are going to lead us to build a breakaway society that is based on unity, love, compassion, equality, and harmony.

scorpio full moon

Scorpio Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse – Transformation and Regeneration

The Scorpio full moon in May is a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, which makes this full moon more significant. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes between the sun and the moon and causes the moon to be cast in the Earth’s shadow. This results in the reddish moon, a phenomenon known as a “Blood Moon.”This full moon in Scorpio is an energetically powerful period when feelings and reactions are heightened with emotionally charged energy from Scorpio. With the Lunar eclipse in the South Lunar Node in Scorpio, which is where we are leaving and moving forward to the North Lunar Node in Taurus. This Taurus-Scorpio axis is associated with our financial foundation and our earth values. Taurus is about tangible things, while Scorpio is about transforming these tangible things; Taurus is about what we possess, and Scorpio is about sharing. Taurus is about the physical body, and Scorpio is about the metaphysical and emotional body. Taurus deals with personal values, material possessions, and security, while Scorpio brings changes and transformation.Scorpio Taurus Axis This Taurus-Scorpio axis is about the balance of the stability from Taurus versus transformation from Scorpio. This Lunar eclipse suggests that we must balance our financial needs, let go of attachments, and discover our true values. The Sun in Taurus shed light on our current financial system, while the Scorpio Moon requires us to pay attention to our deep emotional needs and dig into the hidden truth. Pluto – the Lord of the Underworld rules Scorpio, which triggers deep healing and transformation. This suggests that we must dig deep to find the truth during this full moon period, leading us to significant changes and transformations.

Ring of fireThis Lunar eclipse follows the solar eclipse on April 19th. which is a combination of a total eclipse and an annular eclipse, also known as a “ring of fire”. This solar eclipse occurs during the new moon in Aries, which is charged with the fire energy from Aries. This solar eclipse occurs at the final degrees of Aries and marks the endings and new beginnings. Solar eclipses occur on new Moons while lunar eclipses occur on full Moons. Eclipses are times of revelations and the initiation of sudden changes. With the fast-moving energy of eclipses, we are experiencing sudden and unpredictable changes in our current financial system charged with the disruptive energy from Uranus.

The moon opposite the innovative Uranus during this lunar eclipse can trigger our great imagination to bring breakthrough inventions to our reality, such as free energy, quantum healing system, flying cars, etc., which are already in the making in our reality. You might feel rejected by many people for your original and unconventional ideas, but you are born to be different. With the penetrating energy of Scorpio opposing the electrical energy of Uranus, you may face shocking surprises and emotional turmoil, expect the unexpected. Secrets can be exposed at the global level and personal levels at well. The sun conjuncts Uranus, this energy invites us to integrate ancient solar wisdom with modern technology in original and unconventional ways, such as the Quantum Financial System with block-chain technology and digital currencies such as cryptocurrencies.

Mercury retrograde starts from April 21st to May 14th in the sign of Taurus, which is opposite the full moon, you may experience miscommunication, delays, and frustrations, especially in the financial department with the falling of our current banking system. Mercury retrograde in Taurus could bring up recurring issues that force you to step out of your comfort zone and try something different.

Love is in the air

At the personal level

The Goddess of love Venus transits the curious sign Gemini from April 11th to May 7th, where action-speaking Mars already landed there. With Venus and Mars conjunction in the flirtatious Gemini, love is in the air! If you are single, an exciting love encounter may suddenly be eclipsed into your life, who brings excitement and enthusiasm.
This Scorpio full moon is a great time to work on yourself and gain access to hidden resources. Intuitive clues will help you find the right direction. During this period, your hip joints and the lower spine may be vulnerable. It is a good idea not tooverload your legs and back. A new relationship could rise out of nowhere because of the Uranus aspect. This lunar eclipse is a great time to reboot your energy, release emotional and mental blocks that make you feel stuck and create space for new opportunities to come into your life. During a lunar eclipse, the energy of the moon is intensified, making it a powerful time for introspection and self-reflection. Your emotions and intuition can be heightened with Scorpio energy. Lunar eclipses can also bring about significant changes and shifts in our relationships because the moon is associated with our emotional selves. This lunar eclipse can help us heal emotional traumas in our relationships and provide an opportunity to address them.If your rising sign or moon sign is in Scorpio, this lunar eclipse can affect you significantly, you may experience grief or let go of something you hold onto for too long. You are meant to break away from the old emotional baggage that keeps you stuck, it is time to free yourself and create the new life you desire, only through the process of death and rebirth, we can move forward and upward in life.

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