People who believe in Buddhism have noticed that the Buddha statues in the temples have a similar hand gesture. Many people may not pay attention to these details. In fact, these mysterious hand gestures have incredible healing power. Why does the specific hand gesture have a magical power? Let’s start with the hand reflection areas. There are 6 meridians in our hands according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, which communicates with the organs and tissues of the whole body. There are about 99 acupressure points in our hands; it is incredible, isn’t it? They can reflect the health status of the whole body. Believe it or not, massaging and stimulating these acupressure points can relieve most health issues in the body.

The palm of a healthy person is pink, and the texture is soft and evenly distributed, giving a feeling of resilience. If the palm color is bright red or dark red, or red and white with dense r spots on the palm, or other colors such as yellow, brown, black, etc., generally speaking, it is a sign of illnesses in the body.

The palm of a healthy person is pink, and the texture is soft and evenly distributed, giving a feeling of resilience. If the palm color is bright red or dark red, or red and white with dense r spots on the palm, or other colors such as yellow, brown, black, etc., generally speaking, it is a sign of illnesses in the body.

In this article, I am going to share a few powerful hand gestures that you can practice on a regular basis to boost your health and vitality. You can practice these hand gestures while you are walking or sitting at any time as you wish to maximize their benefits.

1. Detoxification

How to do it? Place the tips of your thumb, middle finger, and ring finger together and stretch the rest fingers.

This hand gesture will supercharge the detoxification engine of your liver, which will speed up the elimination of waste and toxins in the body, as well as urinary problems. It also stimulates the wood element that is associated with the energy in the liver and gallbladder according to TCM. As a result, it helps us develop a well-functioning liver system, which gives us patience, peace, confidence, inner balance, and harmony.

This hand gesture not only nourishes your liver, but it also tonifies the kidneys and strengthens the spleen and stomach meridian channels. It is a natural remedy for liver, gallbladder, and kidney diseases, and also gastrointestinal and urinary system diseases. In order to get the most out of it, you can practice this hand gesture for a few minutes and several times a day. How to cleanse your blood this summer? read here.

2. Improve Vision

How to do it? Place the tips of your thumb, ring finger and little finger together, stretch the rest fingers. You can also place your thumb on the nails of the other two fingers instead of the fingertips. It can harmonize and activate the function of the left and right hemispheres, which is very important for overall health.
This hand gesture activates your chakra system and stimulates the energy flow in the pelvis, which can enhance vitality, reduce fatigue and stress, and improve your eyesight. It can also be used to relieve issues with the eyes, such as eye fatigue and computer syndromes. At the spiritual level, it enhances our endurance and determination, helps us develop healthy self-confidence, and gives us the courage to pursue our dreams.

Nervousness is usually a manifestation of weakness, distraction, and inner instability. This hand gesture combined with conscious and slow abdominal breathing techniques can quickly reduce anxiety like a safety anchor.

Overall, it improves eye-related issues and respiratory illnesses such as asthma and dyspnea.

What is the surprising culprit for dry eyes? Likely not what you think.

3. Reduce High Blood Pressure

How to do it? The index finger is pressed vertically near the root of the thumb, and the thumb is vertically stretched. The tips of the middle finger, ring finger, and thumb are pinched together, and the little finger is vertically tilted up. You should practice this hand gesture with both of your hands spontaneously. It is the most widely spread hand gesture due to its amazing healing power.

This hand gesture can strengthen the heart, relieve discomfort caused by various cardiac emergencies, establish normal blood pressure, regulate menstruation, and purify the body. The healing power is numerous.

As the story goes, there was a Canadian patient who traveled from Canada to India to consult Dr. Deepak on non-pharmacological treatment for high blood pressure, and Dr. Deepak taught him this method. This patient came back and continued to do this exercise regularly, and achieved great therapeutic results.

4. Enhance Memory

How to do it? The tips of the thumb and index finger are touched, and the rest three fingers are flat. We see this hand gesture commonly during meditation.
This hand gesture improves memory. The energy of the pituitary and endocrine glands merges at the tip of the thumb. When we stimulate these centers with the fingers, the two systems will be active. Practicing this hand gesture regularly can increase memory, promote concentration, reduce insomnia, and reduce mental health-related challenges such as anger and depression.

5. Improve Concentration

How to do it? The palms of the hands are stacked one on top of the other, and the two thumbs are interlocked.

This hand gesture brings us peace of mind and harmonizes the mind and body. It helps us enter a state of meditation and Samadhi.

6. Peace Maker

How to do it? The tips of the thumb and ring finger are touched, and the rest of the fingers are comfortable and flat.

This hand gesture is very effective for overall physical health. It improves the conditions of the skin and hair. At the spiritual level, it brings more inner peace and compassion to our lives.

I also mentioned some important areas in your hands for specific health challenges in my previous blog.

These are just a few examples; I am going to introduce more information on the power of the healing hands in my future blogs. In order to maximize the amazing healing power of these hand gestures, practice is the key, you will have to practice these exercises consistently on a daily basis. It only takes a few minutes, the more you practice, the better outcome you will notice. You should practice these exercises with both hands spontaneously to stimulate both sides of the body. The advantage of them is that you can practice these at any time and anywhere you wish.

I also made a video version of this content, you can watch it here.

What are your favorite hand gestures? Please share with us.

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“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” ~ Buddha

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