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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, summer is the best time to take care of your heart health. This is because the energy is at its peak in your heart system during the summer according to the energy flow in the meridian systems. The first step to improve your heart function is to purify your blood; this will reduce the stress of your heart to circulate the blood in your body. Here are some BEST food choices to purify your blood.

1. Green pepper – Prevents blood clotting

Green Pepper - Prevents blood clotting Green pepper is not just green in the color; it is also loaded with nutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and carotene, believe it or not, these nutrients play an important role in preventing blood clotting. Green pepper also contains chlorophyll that can effectively remove the toxins in the blood. Here is one little trick, in order to make vitamin C and carotene more easily absorbed by the body, it is better to cook green peppers with oil.

2. Chromium Rich Food – Enhances the function of insulin

BroccoliDo you know that broccoli is rich in chromium? This nutrient can enhance the function of insulin and has a therapeutic effect on people with diabetes. Foods rich in chromium are grape juice, barley, oats, yeast, potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, apples, bananas, and romaine lettuce. 

3. Green tea – Regulates blood pressure and blood sugar

Green Tea - Regulates blood pressure and blood sugarSome of us enjoy a cup of warm tea early in the morning to wake up our bodies and mind. Why green tea? Green tea can reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It also contains a special organic component called catechol, which presents in the catechins in green tea. Catechol provides a wide range of protection against human diseases, such as cell oxidation, high blood pressure, and poor blood circulation. Green tea is also well researched for promoting weight loss.

In addition to drinking green tea, you can also add green tea leaves to your cooking. For example, spread a small amount of grounded green tea leaves on the pasta and bread, or even in your soups, this not only adds more nutrition to your food but also enhances the taste and flavor of your soups.

Leftover green tea bags can be a treasure too; it works wonders to reduce the puffy eyes.

4. Black Bean – Blood Circulation Catalyst

Black Bean - Blood circulation catalystDo you know that black beans can prevent gray hairs?Black beans can also promote the blood circulation, regulate your gastrointestinal function, and boost your metabolic capacity. This may contribute to the rich content of anthocyanin in the black beans, which is a polyphenolic compound that has many health benefits including improving blood circulation, cancer prevention, and anti-aging, and it is extremely easily absorbed by the body.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, black-colored foods such as black beans and black sesame seeds are excellent food choices to nourish the kidneys and reduce gray hairs.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are your powerhouse and why.

6. Kelp – Cleanses the blood

Kelp is rich in iodine; therefore regular consumption of kelp can prevent iodine deficiency in the body. Some of the ingredients in kelp also have the capacity to combine with the harmful substances in the blood and remove them out of the body. In addition, kelp also plays a unique role in weight loss by boosting your metabolism.

7. Buckwheat – Strengthens the blood vessels

Buckwheat - strengthens the blood vesselsThe nutrition of buckwheat is quite balanced. For example, the unique lysine, tryptophan, and methionine in buckwheat are all essential amino acids for the blood. No wonder the buckwheat is known as a “perfect food” for the blood.

In addition, buckwheat also contains vitamin B1, which is necessary for blood circulation, vitamin B2, which promotes the metabolism of the blood, choline, niacin, and other nutrients. These nutrients can improve your blood lipid profile, purify the blood, and strengthen the blood vessels.

Here are more superfoods for anti-aging.

8. Cabbage – Improves the elasticity of the blood vessels

Cabbage - Improves the elasticity of blood vesselsCabbage is a great contributor to your blood health. In addition to vitamin C, potassium, calcium, and dietary fiber, it also contains potent oxidants such as isothiocyanate, as well as rare vitamins U and K. These vitamins protect the vascular mucosa, promote blood circulation, and make blood vessels stronger and more elastic. In addition, cabbage also has the function of protecting the mucosal cells, thus preventing and treating gastritis and gastric ulcers based on many clinical studies. Believe it or not, cabbage has been used in many herbal formulas as stomach acid.

Want to know more tips about how to heal the stomach fast naturally?

9. Seaweed – An excellent blood detoxifier

Seaweed - An excellent blood detoxifierMany people are not aware that seaweed contains magical fucoidan, it not only enhances liver function but also improves immunity. Seaweed also contains unique seaweed mucus, which removes the excessive sodium in the bloodstream and purifies the blood. Regular consumption of seaweed can improve your immune function, boost metabolism, reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure, soften the blood vessels, increase myocardial vitality, enhance detoxification and promote weight loss.

Besides weight loss, what else seaweed can do to your health?

10. Celery – Maintains the stability of the blood pressure

Celery - Maintains the stability of blood pressureRegular consumption of celery can help reduce high blood pressure due to its rich content of potassium and apigenin. Apigenin is a natural color compound found in many fruits and vegetables, such as celery, parsley, onions, oranges, and chamomile. According to the studies, apigenin has many amazing health benefits, including cancer prevention, heart disease prevention, sleep improvement, blood sugar reduction, and anti-aging. You can also drink celery juice to enjoy its amazing health benefits.

11. Grapes – Inhibit platelet aggregation

Grapes - Inhibit platelet aggregationYou may not aware that platelet aggregation is part of the process that leads to the formation of a thrombus (clot). Red grapes contain resveratrol, a potent antioxidant that lowers your cholesterol and benefits your heart function. Resveratrol has been well studied to lower cholesterol and inhibit platelet aggregation. For this reason, grapes are ideal for cleansing the blood and slowing down the aging process. Compared to red grapes, black grapes contain a higher amount of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which help improve your sleep quality and prevent fatigue.

Apple is another effective blood cleanser; it also improves the efficiency of your lymphatic system. In addition, apple juice can help stimulate the peristalsis of your gastrointestinal system and aid digestion.

What are your favorite blood cleansing food choices? Please share with us.

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“The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.” ~Iyengar

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