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The full moon on Feb. 27th is called Snow Moondue to the heavy snowfall expected during the month. and we happened to have the first big snow here in BC, this full moon will be at 3:17am based on the U.S. Eastern time and fall into the zodiac sign of Virgo. Virgo is an earth sign that focuses on health maintenance, work, in service of others. People with the Virgo sign are health-conscious, detail orientated, and practical. When it comes to health maintenance, people already started to look for more natural solutions and remedies to improve their health these days, such as energy healing, herbal remedies, and acupuncture, etc., instead of toxic drugs.

Numerology insight

From numerology, this full moon will fall on Feb.27th, number 27 has its significance, if you add the single-digit together, it ends up at number 9, which has the highest vibration among all the numbers that shines the light on wisdom and God-consciousness. With the energy of Aquarius in Feb., this full moon is going to shed more spiritual light on our collective consciousness at the global level.

A more detailed analysis for the Virgo Full Moon

During this full moon period, freedom-seeking Uranus squares restrictive Saturn, this will create unexpected changes and unsettlement in our government structures because Saturn rules structures and authorities. Especially now Saturn is in Aquarius until 2023, we will see lots of political changes on a global scale. With expansive Jupiter in Aquarius as well, so these changes in our government structures are going to be positive because the energy of Aquarius emphasizes the greater good of humanity. With the controlling energy from Saturn and the first square of Uranus and Saturn this year, the tension is building up, people have to make efforts to gain their freedom, and we will see these ongoing conflicts between people and the authorities because more and more people want to break free from all these man-made restrictions such as mandatory mask policies and lockdowns.Venus will be in Pisces during this full moon period, and this is a very comfortable place for Venus to be in, which will bring love and emotional support during this challenging transitional time.

With the breakthrough energy of Uranus and the innovative energy of Aquarius on science and technology, we are going to expect to see some new technologies starting to roll out this year, such as sound and frequency healing, medical beds, free energy, etc. We are indeed living in a very exciting time! Right now, Uranus is in the earth sign of Taurus that is associated with agriculture and industry, we will see some transformational changes and progress in these fields influenced by Uranus, including our financial system because Uranus is associated with electricity and technology.

A glance at the global picture

2020 is the global reset, 2021 is all about exposure and disclosure of deep truth and dark secrets, with both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, a grant polarity is playing out – expansion of human consciousness and spirituality and restrictions and control from the current political structure, it is indeed a power struggle! With the fair energy of Aquarius, humanity is always on the winning side because we are at the dawn of the New Age – the Age of Aquarius, which is filled with enlightenment, charged with innovation, science, and technology.   The key is to take back our sovereignty and power, we create our reality when we are united because the unity structure is what this new age all about, nothing can stop what is coming!


Virgo Full Moon influences at the individual level

With the Virgo-Pisces service axis involved and also influenced by Mercury because Virgo is ruled by Mercury, this full moon invites you to spend more time on self-care and your daily routines, put your heart in the service of others, and balance your life between your work and health maintenance. with the super trine of three the earth sign: Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus. This alignment of the moon in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn, and Mars in Taurus is a great time to achieve your goals.
The full moon always highlights our emotional needs, with this full moon in the earth sign of Virgo, this full moon can make those people with the Virgo sign more emotionally sensitive. The earth energy of Virgo indicates that grounding can help us stay strong and connect to our core as who we are. From the spiritual level, we are children of light, we are infinite souls, the God particles are in each of us and we are intergalactic beings. It is time to recognize our unlimited potentials.

ManifestationVirgo Full Moon manifestation

Each full moon is a great time for manifestation and also releasing emotional baggage that doesn’t serve us anymore. With the practical energy from Virgo, this full moon can be a great opportunity to manifest a new job or a new career. You can set up a simple full moon ritual to make this manifestation more magical, combining Feng Shui, you can set up your altar to the North, which is an optimal direction for your career, it is a good idea to perform your full moon ritual before or on the full moon day to harvest its peak energy, in my next full moon blog, I will expand more on this subject.

What is your deep desire for this Virgo full moon? Please share with us.

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