This wheel of health is based on the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Let’s break it down to each month.

January- Tonify the Kidneys and Keep Warm

Health Focuses: Walking, jogging, and dress warmly.

Diet: Eat more foods that have a warm nature, such as root vegetables, stews, warm soups, yam, and dates. Dark color foods such as black beans, sesame seeds, and chestnuts are very tonic to the kidneys.

February – Raise the Yang Energy and Prepare for the Spring

Health Focuses: Get up early and ensure adequate hydration.

Diet: Eat more foods that help release the Yang energy, such as onions, parsley, cilantro, peanuts, leeks, etc. Limit spicy and greasy foods, overeating of food with a sour taste can affect the energy flow in the liver.

March – Nourish the Liver

Health Focuses: Get up early, and enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities to boost the energy in your liver.

Diet: Enjoy some naturally sweet foods, such as goji berries, yam, and foods with a green color that help boost the energy in the liver, such as leeks, spinach, and other seasonal vegetables. Eat foods with a sour taste in moderation, such as tomatoes and oranges.

April – Balance the Yin and Yang Energy

Health Focuses: Balance your mood, enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities.

Diet: Eat more seasonal foods such as dark leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. Limit deep fried and greasy foods, and avoid overeating.

May – Strengthen Your Heart

Health Focuses: Maintain a positive attitude and avoid emotional stress that can affect your heart.

Diet: Enjoy the foods with red color and a cold nature that can benefit your heart, such as red cabbages, tomatoes, celeries, etc. Limit hot and spicy foods.

June – Improve Your Physical Stamina

Health Focuses: Get up early and exercise regularly.

Diet: Enjoy the foods that help cleanse your body, such as fresh herbs, vegetables, and seasonal fruits. Limit deep fried and greasy foods.

July –Strengthen the Yang Energy

Health Focuses: Ensure adequate sleep, improve indoor ventilation, pay attention to food hygiene, prevent heatstrokes, and drink more water.

Diet: Enjoy a light diet. Eat more green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits. Limit deep fried and greasy foods.

August – Prevent the Heat Strokes and Increase Inner Calmness

Health Focuses: Go to bed early and get up early, prepare for the “autumn tigers.” This is the time to focus on your spiritual health, bringing inner peace and joy to your life.

September – Soothe the Lungs

Health Focuses: Maintain your emotional well-being and enjoy outdoor activities.

Diet: Enjoy more foods with white color that can nurture your lungs, such as melon, cucumber, radish, pear, garlic, etc.

October – Nurture your Yin Energy

Health Focuses: Autumn is the time to nurture your Yin energy and focus on your emotional health.

Diet: Enjoy more foods that can nourish your lungs and improve your Yin energy, such as sesame seeds, honey, mushrooms, etc. Limit hot spicy foods.

November – Protect Your Yang Energy

Health Focuses: Recharge your energy, go to bed early and get up late to ensure adequate sleep. Dress warmly.

Diet: Eat more foods that have a warm nature, such as stews, soups, ginger, etc., and eat less food that has a cold nature, such as seafood.

December – Tonify the Body

Health Focuses: Balance the dynamic and static forces in your daily activities with meditation and yoga.

Diet: Enjoy more tonic foods, such as ginseng, black beans, sesame seeds, goji berries, etc. Limit cold food and drinks.

I hope you enjoy this health calendar. What are your health tips? Please share with us.

“The first wealth is health.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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