Have you ever wondered why many of us have a tendency to jump on drugs instead of natural healing remedies when we suffer from certain health challenges these days? Maybe there are magical pills out there? I think we are conditioned to think this way due to the environment we grow up in and how mainstream medicine influences us. Luckily I grew up in an environment where people are taking advantage of the abundant supply of nature to improve their health and vitality. Being influenced by the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for many years, I am going to share some information on how to use your hands and fingers to boost your health and longevity today.

There are many meridian channels passing through your hands and fingers according to TCM, this is why you can boost the energy flow in your body by exercising your hands and fingers in certain ways. Here is how to do it.

1. Massaging the tip of your thumb can reduce cough and sore throat.

The thumb corresponds to the human lungs according to TCM, the lungs are in charge of your breathing. If the energy flow in your lung meridian channel is blocked, it can contribute to coughing, chest pain, wheezing, and sore throat. Therefore, when you suffer from a cough or sore throat, you can massage the tip of your thumb on the edge of the fingernail sides. You can apply a motion of pressing and releasing repetitively on both hands for a few minutes daily for a few times. This exercise can strengthen your lung capacity as well. It is so convenient to perform this exercise whenever you are walking or sitting.

2. Massaging the tip of your index finger can prevent constipation, diarrhea, and indigestion.

The index finger corresponds to the human large intestine according to TCM, which is part of the digestive system. Therefore, people who often suffer from constipation or diarrhea, and indigestion could strengthen their large intestine by massaging the tips of their index fingers on the edge of the fingernail sides on both hands in a pressing and releasing motion. It only takes a few minutes a day to see the amazing result with consistent practice.

Here are other ways to massage your hands to boost your digestion and gut health.

3. Massaging the tip of your middle finger can reduce palpitation and prevent insomnia.

The middle finger corresponds to the pericardium meridian of the human body according to TCM. If there is a problem with the heart, it can lead to palpitation and other heart issues. In TCM, the heart affects the mind, and a restless mind can contribute to insomnia. In order to improve your heart function and sleep quality, you can massage the tips your middle fingers on the edge of the fingernail sides on both hands regularly each day. Today, many people are suffering from insomnia due to a restless mind and a busy lifestyle. By doing this simple exercise, you can have peace of mind and heart.

4. Massaging the tip of your ring finger can reduce migraine, shoulder and neck pain.

The ring finger corresponds to the triple energizer meridian channels according to TCM. When people suffer from neck and shoulder pain and migraine, it usually indicates the poor circulation of energy and blood in this meridian channel. By massaging the tips of your ring fingers on the edge of the fingernail sides on both hands daily, you can reduce the symptoms of migraine and shoulder and neck pain easily.

Here is a video to demonstrate a simple exercise routine that you can do to prevent shoulder pain and neck stiffness effectively.

5. Massaging the tip of your little finger can prevent a cold and improve your energy level.

The little finger corresponds to the small intestine of the human body according to TCM. If the function of your small intestine is affected, it can affect the absorption of nutrients that can lead to malnutrition, which in turn can compromise your immunity. By massaging the tips of your ring fingers on the edge of the fingernail sides on both hands regularly, you can improve the function of your small intestine to improve your absorption and boost your immunity. When your immune function is enhanced, you are also free from a cold or flu.

6. Clapping the back of your hands can reduce lower back pain.

Our hand covers the reflection area of each organ in the body. For example, the back of the hand corresponds to the waist of the human body according to TCM, so people who often have low back pain and backache should clap the back of their hands often. You can use one hand palm to clap the back of the other hand and clap the back of each hand about 100 times daily. This exercise will activate the meridians in the waist and lower back and reduce lower back pain.

7. Clapping your hands can improve the functionality of all your internal organs.

There are also many acupressure points on your palm, and many meridians and reflection areas of your internal organs in your palm as well. Therefore, if you want to be healthy, clap your hands. You only need to clap your hands 100 times a day to make your internal organs happy, which will help you clear the blockages in the meridians, promote blood circulation, strengthen the internal organs and improve your overall health!

Do you know that your hand gestures also create amazing healing power?

In summary, there are tremendous energy and healing power in your hands, if you are aware of this and take advantage of it, you can not only resolve common health issues just within the reach of your hands but also improve your health in general. What do you think? Please share your favorite health tips with us.


“The hand is the visible part of the brain.” ~ Immanuel Kant

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