How to become manifest magnetBelieve it or not, we constantly manifest our reality consciously or unconsciously. Most people are not aware that they attract what they don’t want unconsciously.

Scientists discovered that the thought is the most powerful battery force ever found, with a speed of 183, 000 miles per second. Would you be able to imagine this speed? Positive thoughts have higher frequencies than negative thoughts. When the frequency of your thoughts is high enough, it reaches the mastermind in the Universe; you will be able to apply the knowledge and wisdom from a higher consciousness. In turn, it will lead your life path to greater success.

Thinking positive is only part of the manifestation process. It is your emotions and feelings that determine what you attract into your life because your subconscious mind only understands images, emotions, and feelings. Positive emotions have higher vibrations than negative emotions. When your thoughts are charged with positive emotions, your whole energy field will be amplified and lifted to be in alignment with the Law that will bring what you truly desire right in front of your eyes.

“Desire” and “wanting” are two different concepts. “Desire” indicates that you have a strong wish for something. It comes from a place of aspiration; while “wanting” is an urge to possess something because of lacking. It is from a place of fear and anxiety. When you keep thinking about wanting something, your feeling is lacking. Since the feeling is “LACK”, you will get more “LACK” in your life. This is a simple application of the Law of Attraction – like attracts like.

Be specific and exact as your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined, and also has no concept of a timeline. Your subconscious is affected by your emotions and feelings.

To learn more about how the mind works, read the Three Levels of Mind.

Manifest secrets

Want to know how to develop constructive thinking with affirmations? Check 5 Secrets to Boost Your Manifestation Engine with Affirmations.

5. Release limiting beliefs and mental blocks that hold you back.

Here is an interesting story. A few years ago, I went to see a patient in a clinic. She is in her late forties. She looked tired and frustrated when I first met her, and she was over 300 pounds at that time. I checked her medical history, besides obesity, she also has diabetes, back pain, and arthritis. Her blood sugar was poorly managed in the past few years. I started to ask questions related to her diet history. She said, “I put my work first, I eat when I have time. I don’t have time to eat lunch at work.” I asked her, “Why did you skip lunch?” She said, “I am an office clerk in a financial department and I sacrifice my lunch time to deal with clients because lunchtime is the busiest time at work.” I asked her, “What is the most important thing in your life?” She said, “Helping others”. I said, “Great! But how could you help others without good health? You are the most important person in your life.” She got very emotional and started to cry, “Since I was born I was told that I should put myself in the second place and serve others first. I have been carrying this belief all my life!” The moment I questioned her, she was still stuck in her own beliefs and felt defensive. A few months later, she was back at a hospital for knee surgery. She told me that she was thinking about my questions for a while and asked for help. She told me that she was ready to remove those mental blocks that do not serve her health anymore. After a few sessions, she started to adjust her schedule for her job and worked on a healthy meal plan. Within 6 months, she lost 50 pounds. And a year later, she lost more than 100 pounds. The last time I saw her, she looked amazing and her health conditions have dramatically improved. She told me how good she felt after she put her health as the top priority in her life and she is more productive in her career.

Do you see how powerful your limiting beliefs can stop you from moving forward? The more limiting beliefs you are holding, the more negativities will be manifested in your life.

Here are a few examples of limiting beliefs around health:

  • My entire family is overweight, we have a fat gene.
  • It is very hard to lose weight.
  • Others will take me seriously if I am overweight.
  • I feel protected from excessive weight.
  • Beautiful and slender people are stupid.
  • I do not deserve success and happiness.
  • Feeling bad motivates me to change things.

Here are a few examples of limiting beliefs around wealth:

  • Rich people are greedy.
  • I have to constantly struggle to make money.
  • It is wrong for me to be rich while others are poor.
  • If I have more money, others will lose money.
  • It is wrong to want money.
  • If I am rich, something bad will happen to me.
  • If I am rich, I have to pay too many taxes.

Here are a few examples of limiting beliefs around love:

  • I am too old to find love.
  • I am afraid of rejection.
  • I will lose myself in a relationship.
  • There is no one out there for me.
  • I attract difficult people to my life.
  • I don’t have time for a mate.
  • I am afraid to start again.

Do these sound familiar to you? These limiting beliefs may come from your past experiences and memories, your environment, and family histories, some of them are from the collective consciousness which you are associated with. Theta healing is one of the most powerful ways to clear limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind, because it releases the limiting beliefs from multiple levels, such as history level, which is related to your religion and environment; soul level, which is related to your past experiences and memories; and genetic level, which is related to your ancestors.

Pay attention to your thoughts because they are the conversation with the Universe. Your thoughts from yesterday create your reality of today and the future. As you think, so shall you become!

Here are the keys to becoming a manifest magnet: Imagine, Detach, Specify, Master, and Release.

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“Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive.” ~ Matt Cameron

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