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Boost your Manifestation EngineImagine how it feels like to be able to see your dreams being manifested right in front of your eyes in the New Year. Is it possible? absolutely! Miracles happen all the time.

Here is my story. Quite a few years ago, I was attending an important medical training, it came to my attention that there was a nodule on my neck right where my thyroid gland is located. I touched the nodule, it was firm. My intuition told me that it was not a good sign and I needed surgery as soon as possible. However, it was a tough situation at that moment; I was in the middle of intensive training to obtain my license in the medical field. If I quit it in the middle, I had to wait for another year because there was a waitlist to enroll in this training program. I told myself that I was going to fight for this, so I put my thought into action. Every morning I looked at the nodule on my neck in front of the mirror and reinforced an affirmation with a strong will and determination. I stated with confidence and faith, “My body is a miraculous healing machine. I trust my body will work with me to overcome challenges in my life, now is a perfect time.” I believe the Universe will direct the life force inside me to work for my best interests. Then I let it go and focused on my training. After the training, I faced another challenge – changing my job. I had to move to another city, so my surgery was delayed again. A year later, I was booked for my surgery. I will never forget that moment. It was early in the morning on a rainy day in late fall, I was lying on an operating table, my mind was very tranquil that I had never experienced before, and the images around me seemed frozen. The only thing I could feel was my breathing and heartbeats. The whole room was very quiet and I could hear the raindrops outside. I closed my eyes with no fear or anxiety. In my mind eyes, I saw the white clouds like cotton flowers around me, suddenly I saw the image of my grandfather, who already passed away more than 10 years ago. Tears came out of my eyes and I knew he was watching me and everything will be fine.

The result was scary, the nodule was not benign, but the tumor was still wrapped. Luckily I was safe and protected during the whole process. Later I reflected on this, it is a miracle that how I used my thoughts and a strong will to overcome this life-threatening challenge. It also taught me a good lesson that life is too precious to wait. If I have another chance, I will never risk my health to achieve my goal again. This also urged me to pass this message to others that our greatest gift is health, things that have the most value are usually free but most of us are not aware of this until we lose it. Today, many of us worship the things that we pay money for, such as houses and cars, but overlook the things like health that are priceless to us.

Here is another inspirational story from one of my clients who has survived 6 cancers including a few major ones.

Now you may wonder how affirmation works. First, let’s talk about how the mind works. There are three levels of mind based on the founder of Psycho-analytic Theory – Sigmund Freud: the Conscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind, and the Unconscious mind.

As you can see the subconscious mind has more power than the conscious mind. Beliefs are solid ideas that are stored in your subconscious mind. In order to create long-lasting changes in your life, you have to impress your subconscious mind deeply enough to change the old paradigm or old beliefs and replace them with the positive ones that will support your success. This is how affirmations or auto-suggestions work – to constantly influence your subconscious mind to achieve long-lasting changes in your life and create your new reality. The beauty lies in the fact that your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. Once impressed upon, it will work very hard to bring it into your physical reality.

In order to attract positive things in your life, you must think positive. You cannot think of both negative and positive thoughts at the same time. The mind is a creature of habit. If you dwell on negative thoughts all day long, you will only attract negative things in your life. This is the simple application of the Law of Attraction. In order to change your external conditions, you must first change your internal world. According to Earl Nightingale – Dean of Personal Development, the strangest secret is that we become what we think about, most of the time.

Here is a concept that seems difficult to grasp for most of us at the beginning. Everything in the physical world is made out of atoms. Physicists have found that atoms are mainly empty space and they are made out of energy. Energy comes from vibrations. Thoughts are energy. Each thought has a different vibration. Positive thoughts attract positive outcomes and negative thoughts lead to a negative reality.

Once you understand how the mind works, you will become more aware of your thoughts. With practice and persistence, you will become the master of your thoughts and attract only what you want in your life. Everything is created twice in the world. First, it is an idea from the mind, then it is carried out to the physical world through inspired actions to follow through that idea. Thoughts, like seeds, have a natural tendency to grow and manifest in your life, depending on which thought you feed the most with your intention. Your thoughts create your reality. When you choose your thoughts consciously and wisely, you direct the life energy within to move in the direction that you desire and help you create your dream life.

How to control your thoughts and stay positive? Affirmations are potent, effective, and efficient to reprogram your negative thinking patterns into positive ones. The affirmations of the conscious mind should be impressive enough to influence and penetrate the subconscious mind, which in turn automatically influences the conscious mind. It is believed that stronger affirmations reach not only the subconscious mind but also the superconscious mind, which is the Universal mind where the miraculous powers reside.

Most people use affirmations regularly but haven’t really obtained the real power and significant benefits out of it yet. The truth is repetition without soul force is like husks without corn. Only as you believe, so you become.

Here are 5 secrets to manifest your dreams quickly with affirmations.

You absolutely have the power to create what you want in your life by reprogramming your subconscious mind with new beliefs that support your conscious desires. Repeat affirmations firmly with intensity and faith, and feel the strong urge from within, and watch your soul perform miracles. Soon you will feel that you are in control of your life and your body becomes one of your best allies to help you create your new reality. With persistence and determination, your future is created and your dreams are manifest. Anything is possible for those who believe!

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“By choosing your thoughts, and by selecting which emotional currents you will release and which you will reinforce, you determine the quality of your Light. You determine the effects that you will have upon others, and the nature of the experience of your life. ” ~Gary Zukav

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