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Weight loss

Being overweight is an underlining cause of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and other chronic conditions. What else comes along with excessive weight? Back pain and joint pain, your body just cannot handle too much pressure from excessive weight. Besides health challenges, our body image also affects our self-esteem.

When it comes to weight loss, the first thing people jumped into is the diet because this is the area being attacked the most. The most popular weight loss diet out there these days is the ketogenic diet, which is a high-fat, moderate protein, and low-carbohydrate diet. The mechanism for this diet is to cut down the intake of carbohydrates and force the body to enter a metabolic state called ketosis, which uses the alternative fuel – the fat instead of glucose as the energy source, but some organs use glucose as the primary fuel, such as your brain, so your brain is deprived of the optimal fuel, also most pesticides and herbicides are fat-soluble, they deposit in meat and dairy products, by eating large amounts of these foods, your liver is overloaded with toxins, so as your kidneys and lymphatic system. Did you know that protein produces the most waste when it is broken down in the body? As a result, you are putting stress on your liver, lymphatic system, and kidneys to break down and eliminate toxins including environmental estrogens from pesticides and herbicides, and other toxins such as drugs and growth hormones in meat and dairy products. Keto dietRecently, a lady asked me why she is suffering from severe menopause symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats after she is on the ketogenic diet, my answer is that this diet brings more toxins and waste to the body and contributes to hormone imbalance such as estrogen dominance syndrome, it also affects your gut health because these toxins and waste feed off unproductive bacteria in your gut and cause off-balance of the gut microbiome. What happens in your gut also affects your brain functions because the communication between the gut and brain is bilateral, and your gut is your second brain. A ketogenic diet is also loaded with acidic food, which leads to chronic inflammation and many health challenges down the road, as we know that alkalinity of the body is the key to achieving optimal health, which emphasizes a plant-based diet with legumes, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Here is more information on xenohormones.

Yo-yo dieting
Every time you are on a diet, they all work the same: to create the calorie deficit to lose weight, but your body is very intelligent, more intelligent than you think, and it has a self-protection mechanism to preserve your life force after you are on a calorie deficit diet, your body enters a starvation mode and burns fewer calories to maintain functioning, just like a bear hibernating in winter, After you go back to your normal diet, your body is still in a starvation mode, which means your body is still hibernating, as a result, any extra calories you take will be quickly converted to the fat and stored in your body, this causes a vicious cycle called yo-yo-dieting, each time you try a diet, you end up gaining more weight and your metabolism is getting slower. Several studies indicate that dieting is a perfect indicator of future weight gain.

3 levels of mind

If you struggle with losing weight despite your ongoing efforts to follow all kinds of trendy diets and exercise programs, you may start wondering whether you have emotional or mental blocks-limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind that prevent you from losing weight. The truth is losing weight is not just about diet or exercise.

Why is a belief system so important? because it is not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs that shape our reality and destiny. Many people are familiar with the famous theory of Sigmund Freud’s Three Levels of Mind: The Conscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind, and the Unconscious Mind.

The conscious mind, the gatekeeper, includes everything that we are aware of. It is responsible for logic and reasoning and only accounts for about 10% of your brain capabilities. The subconscious mind contains accessible information that you are not consciously aware of. It is responsible for all of your involuntary actions, such as breathing and heartbeat. It also delivers the feelings, emotions, and memories that are associated with your perception of the world. It exists just below the level of consciousness above the unconscious mind. The subconscious mind is much larger than the conscious mind and occupies around 50-60% of your brain’s capabilities. The unconscious mind refers to the thoughts that are outside of your conscious awareness. It is like a deep and vast ocean and largely inaccessible to the conscious mind. The unconscious mind is the source of all the programs that your subconscious mind uses. The unconscious mind occupies about 30-40% of your brain’s capabilities.

Limiting beliefs
Beliefs are solid ideas stored in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind accepts what it is told and uses these beliefs to create your reality, and you will believe in them whether they are true or not as long as you hold them in your mind. The outer conditions of our life are the reflection of our inner beliefs. Believe it or not, beliefs can cause resistance to change. Some limiting beliefs are running as a background program you are unaware of. Beliefs can exist on many levels, such as the soul level and history levels, some come from your past lives, did you know that your DNA can store more than seven generations of memories? It is a computer chip of space-time. Some beliefs come from your religion and the social environment where you grow up.

Here are some common limiting beliefs that prevent people from losing weight, do they sound familiar to you?

  • It is too hard to lose weight.
  • My entire family is overweight; we have a fat gene.
  • I feel safe and protected when I am overweight.
  • I feel powerful being overweight.
  • I will be taken seriously if I am overweight.
  • I am too old to lose weight.
  • If it hasn’t happened yet, it will never happen.

Muscle testing

How to self-check these limiting beliefs that prevent you from weight loss? One way to check your belief system is muscle testing, which is to align your physical body with your energy body to obtain the truth. Muscle testing is a simple way of evaluating the body’s imbalances and assessing its needs. From kinesiology, the body has within it and surrounds an electrical network or grid. If anything impacts your electrical system that does not maintain your body’s balance, your muscles are unable to hold their strength under physical pressure. Muscle power is directly linked to the balance of your body’s electrical system. For example, if the pressure is applied to your arm while your body’s electrical system is negatively affected, the muscles will weaken and the arm will not be able to resist the pressure. However, if the pressure is applied while your electrical system is positively affected, the muscles will remain strong, you are easily able to resist the pressure and your arm will hold its position. This electrical and muscular relationship is a natural part of the human system. Muscle testing can provide information on energy blockages in the body, the functioning of the organs, nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, etc.

A simple technique of muscle testing is to create an electrical circuit with your fingers. The special connection created by your fingers allows you to use the kinesiology technique without affecting your electrical system or your body’s balance. When seeking a YES or NO answer to a question, your higher self will answer your yes or no questions by projecting positive or negative energy on your body’s electrical system. Your higher self is connected to the higher level of consciousness that knows only the truth. Calibration aims to train the mind in different responses to the truth and false. Some people can easily get accurate answers with muscle testing techniques, while others may need some practice. If you practice this technique for a few minutes a day, you should be able to develop an accurate response within a few weeks. Muscle testing is a very useful tool to communicate with your higher self and obtain the truth.

After identifying your limiting beliefs, now it is time to reprogram your belief system for your best interest. Here are a few techniques that you can apply.

  • Hypnosis and hypnotherapy
  • NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) techniques
  • Energy healing such as Theta Healing and Reiki
  • Meditation
  • Affirmation

Believe is seeing These techniques all influence your subconscious mind to make long-lasting changes. Affirmation is a great way to supercharge your mind and helps you think positively. The word “Affirmation” means: The repetitive positive message is being made energetically and firmly inside your body and mind. Thoughts are things, the speed of thoughts is equivalent to the speed of light. As we know, positive thoughts and emotions help create positive circumstances in our life, while negative thoughts and feelings manifest negative outcomes. The more thought or feeling is repeated, the more it tends to influence your subconscious mind and your life. Any of your thoughts is a message to the Universe. Your thoughts generate feelings and emotions to influence your subconscious mind. Emotions and thoughts are twin brothers. Behind each emotion, there is a thought to support that feeling. For example, when you feel happy because you think of something that makes you happy. Your subconscious mind is the bridge to the Infinite Intelligence or higher power in the Universe. It communicates your blueprint with the Infinite Intelligence in the Universe. Everything is created twice, first in your mind, then manifested into reality with actions and intentions. The beauty is that your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. It will work overtime to bring it into your reality. Since whatever you focus on grows and manifests, you certainly want to be very conscious of the thoughts and feelings you allow your mind and body to experience. This is where the power of affirmations comes in. Affirmations are very powerful, effective, and efficient to reprogram your belief system. Here are a few key steps to enhance the power of your affirmations and help you achieve your goals.

Repetition: Plan your seeds by repetition daily. You have to engage your feelings and emotions to make a long-lasting impact on your subconscious mind.

Persistence: Persistence is the key. After 3 weeks, you will notice a difference in your thought pattern. And after 3 months, you will discover an amazing new world inside you. You may start to behave differently and you may wonder why.

Emotions: Your feelings amplify the results. Repeat the affirmations with clear understanding, so you can truly engage your feelings. The more frequently you can truly feel that new expansive sensation, the more powerful that affirmation becomes when you repeat it. Feel it, be it and you are it!

Positive thinking: It is not easy to think positively all the time. Affirmation creates a state of heightened self-awareness. You will be more aware of the thoughts you are choosing throughout the day. This higher consciousness is going to help you master your mind control and allow you to choose and create new experiences in your life.

Imagination: Use your imagination and visualize the pictures as if they were already in your reality. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined, it will work very hard to bring it into your reality.

Timing: The best time to repeat the affirmation is in the morning right after you wake up and at night before you sleep. Your subconscious mind is wide open during these periods and highly suggestible to affirmations that are given.

Confidence and Faith: To speed up the manifestation process, you should let go of fear and doubts, speak with complete confidence and assurance each time and really engage your feelings, and feel the confidence and truth grow and expand within you. Strengthening your ability to feel the absolute truth of the affirmations you repeat is the key to influencing and reprogramming your subconscious mind completely.

Most of us are conditioned as “seeing is believing”. For example, if you look down a railroad track, you will observe that at a certain distance, the two tracks will merge at one point. But this is not true.

Weight Loss AffirmationBecause we haven’t seen it yet, so we don’t believe it will happen. It should be another way around “believing is seeing.” Why? Did you know that you even don’t see with your eyes? Your eyes are like a movie screen; at the back of the screen, there is a reflector and this reflector forms an image of what you see and sets up a wave current. This wave current follows the nerves and sends this image back to your brain, which is your memory center, to further process the image like a filter. If the picture is familiar to you, your mind will accept it right away, but if the picture is brand new and your mind does not recognize it, then you have to repeat the picture over and over again many times until it makes a lasting impression on your mind. Therefore, we do not see with our eyes; we see with our minds. If a person lived only by his physical sight; his world would be very small. Sight is only one of five senses that we overly rely on. We have been conditioned to create our thoughts about the outside world through these senses.  Most of us have not been trained to use our intellectual faculties, such as will, imagination, perception, memory, reason, and intuition, to help create our new reality. They hold the keys to creating our dreamed reality. As Earl Nightingale once said, “We become what we think about most of the time, this is the strangest secret.”

Here are some examples of affirmations that can help reshape your body as you desire.

  • I am in harmony with the healthy version of myself.
  • I feel confident and amazing. I see in my mind’s eye how I will look.
  • I am a magician at mastering my own body. Losing weight feels simple, easy, and breezy.
  • I feel great in a public setting. I feel great anywhere I go!
  • I am everything that is because I am the God of my reality.
  • I have faith that my manifestation of weight loss is occurring.
  • I shed weight in my sleep. My mind is calm and harmonious whenever my head hits the pillow.
  • I am a master at self-control and I listen to my intuition to choose the right food for me.
  • I love my body. I let my weight melt away naturally.
  • I can let go of the excess and what is no longer needed.
  • I am perfect just as I am. My body is a divine creation of the Universe.
  • I am inspired by the action that will lead me to where I want to be.
  • I make peace with where I am. I release all resistance.

Here are more tips on how to become a manifest magnet.

You absolutely have the power to create what you want in your life by reprogramming your subconscious mind with beliefs that support your conscious desires. By changing those limiting beliefs and expectations for yourself, you will realize that you are in control of your life and your body becomes one of your best allies in helping achieve your goals. Anything is possible for those who believe.

I also created a video version of this blog, please click here to watch the video.

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“Health is the greatest gift, contentment is the greatest wealth, a trusted friend is the best relative, Liberated mind is the greatest bliss.” – Buddha

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