There are many hidden triangles in the body that play the key factors for our stamina and immune function. If you are aware of these important areas in the body and take good care of them on a regular basis, you can certainly improve your health and boost your productivity. Where are these hidden golden triangles in the body and why are they so important? Here are a few examples.

Neck Golden Triangle: Afraid of cold

Neck Golden Triangle The golden triangle of the neck refers to the area below the posterior occipital bone including the first and second cervical vertebra. It is called the golden triangle because there are many vascular nerves on both sides of this area. If you have to maintain a prolonged sitting posture regularly due to your work or sleep on a hard and high pillow, you are doing more damage to your neck without awareness. This can cause a sore neck and even diminish the physiological curvature of the cervical spine, so the cervical vertebra becomes straight and presses the surrounding vascular nerves, which can lead to cervical spondylosis, headache, dizziness, nausea, etc. Now, you have just realized that your stubborn headache is likely triggered by your neck, not necessarily from your head.

Tips for the maintenance of the Neck Golden Triangle:

  1. Move and rotate your neck gently in all directions after maintaining the same posture for about one hour. You can also use your hands to massage the muscles around your neck, and your neck would appreciate that.
  2. When you sleep, don’t sleep on a high pillow, a fist distance would be high enough for the pillow.
  3. Don’t let the air conditioner directly blow against your neck, which can cause a sore neck and even a cold.
  4. Always make sure that your head, neck, shoulders, and back posture are in alignment.

Shoulder Golden Triangle: Afraid of heavyweight and inactivity

The shoulder golden triangle refers to the left and right triangles formed by the back shoulders and shoulder blades. It is surrounded by the deltoid muscles on both sides. The range of motion around this area is relatively large, but the ligaments around the joints are not very strong. Therefore, excessive exercise or lifting of heavy objects can easily strain the muscles around this area and also causes joint dislocation. The elderly are more prone to periarthritis of the shoulder due to the long period of inactivity of the shoulder joints, which is also known as the “fifty shoulders.”

Tips for the maintenance of the Shoulder Golden Triangle:

  1. The backpack should not be too heavy, it is better to use both shoulders to balance the weight.
  2. After sitting for a long time, it is a good idea to do some shoulder exercises, such as swinging both arms in a circular motion.
  3. Warm up before exercise to fully stretch muscles and ligaments.
  4. The amount of exercise should be moderate. Keep all the joints slightly curved during exercises to avoid excessive movement and prevent joint injury.

Here is a simple exercise routine that you can do to reduce neck pain and shoulder pain

Bladder Golden Triangle: Afraid of holding the urine

The bladder golden triangle is in the inner surface of the bladder base and is located in a triangular region between the ureters and the urethral orifice. The mucosa of this area is closely connected with the muscular layer. It is at high risk of bladder tuberculosis and tumors due to lack of submucosal tissue in this area.

If you have urinary retention or increased frequency of urination, it may be that the muscles in this triangle area are loose or infected with bacteria. Attention and proper care should be given to this area, especially during the summer.

Tips for the maintenance of the Bladder Golden Triangle:

  1. Ensure adequate hydration every day to flush the toxins in the bladder out of the body. It is recommended to drink no less than 1500 ml per day.
  2. Do not hold the urine.
  3. Keep the urethral opening clean with daily care.

What is the hidden cause of bladder infection for women? Likely not what you hear from.

Face Golden Triangle: Afraid of squeezing and infection

Young girls who are prone to acne are very familiar with this area. It usually refers to the triangular area formed by the connection between the mouth and the nose. Generally speaking, it refers to the triangle from the nose to the two corners of the mouth, this area is considered as a dangerous area because the venous valves are poorly developed in this area, and they are also small and weak. When the face is infected, squeezing can cause the pus and the venous emboli to enter the intracranial cavernous sinus causing intracranial cavernous sinus thrombosis, which can be life-threatening in severe cases.

Tips for the maintenance of the Face Golden Triangle:

  1. The acnes around the lips should not be squeezed, it is better to wait until the acne naturally “mature” and then it will heal on its own.
  2. Men should be very careful when shaving, do not press the acne with a strong force; also avoid razor scratching this area.

Now let’s talk about the triangles that have the amazing healing power.

Knee Golden Triangle: Treat joint pain

This golden triangle is formed around the inner side of your knees. There are two tendons on the inner side of the transverse ligament; they are called the semitendinosus semimembranosus tendon. There is a bicep tendon on the outside. More importantly, there are many important acupressure points around this area to support your back and lower limbs according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Massaging this area regularly can eliminate knee swelling and joint pain from arthritis, joint sprain, and other causes.

Foot Golden Triangle: Boost energy

There are many important acupressure points related to the kidney meridian channel around the inside of your foot according to TCM. Therefore, massaging this triangle area around your inner ankle can tonify the Qi in your kidney meridian channel and boost your energy levels. You can use both of your thumbs to massage this area and focus on those spots where the pain is more noticeable. Massaging this triangle area regularly can also relieve menopause symptoms for women.

Here are some simple ear exercises that you can do to boost your kidney function and longevity.

Clavicle Golden Triangle: Boost the lung function

Clavicle triangle is also called the clavicle lower socket. This triangular area is consisting of three important acupressure points that help regulate our respiratory function according to TCM. The energy in the lung meridian channel flows in this area, as a result, massaging the clavicle triangle area regularly can relieve cough and enhance lung functions.

Hand Golden Triangle: Treat hand numbness

This triangle is between the index finger and the thumb on the back of the hand. It can be used to treat the numbness of the hand. It is easy to do and works wonders.

There are many important healing spots in your hands that you can use to improve your health in every way

I also created a video version of this blog, so you can listen to it if you don’t have time to read. What are your favorite tips for self-care? Please share with us.


“When you are balanced and when you listen and attend to the needs of your body, mind, and spirit, your natural beauty comes out.” ~ Christy Turlington

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