What is groundingHave you ever experienced overwhelming emotions that are so intense to make you feel anxious? I guess we all have experienced anxiety in our lifetime either from a brand new task or an unfamiliar environment. But it is the emotions behind the veil that trigger the anxiety. It is certainly not good to have a body filled with anxiety or always tense since it can weaken your immune system and make you lose focus.

When anxiety suddenly attacks you like a flood, meditation may be one of the best solutions, it will bring your mind and body to a calm and relaxed state, which will reduce the anxiety. Several meditation techniques are known to benefit emotion management; one is grounding.

What is Grounding?

Grounding is a type of meditation that brings a person back to the present movement. This is a technique that will help re-orientate your mind to here and now situation. With this meditation, all the overwhelming emotions can be released to help you relax and calm your mind and body.

Grounding is not a common meditation that you may be familiar with. In this meditation, you will be connected with mother earth. This is the meditation that will help you achieve a focused mind when it is combined with earthing.

When doing this meditation, it is better to have your feet connect with the earth, barefoot is the best to make grounding work. When you are grounded, your mind and body are brought to a balanced state, which will make you feel that you are connected to mother earth.

How to Do Grounding?

How to do groundingHere is just one example. Imagine that you are like a giant tree deeply rooted in mother earth. It keeps you from being blown away by other people’s winds. There are many ways to practice grounding, you can start with a prayer or affirmation, or mantra to help you ground. You can also meditate and imagine that you are a big tree with all the roots deeply penetrating the center of the earth and anchoring to the center of mother earth. The best practice is to do this in the morning after you wake up, so it can help you grounded during the day.

Grounding has many health benefits that can improve your overall well-being and wellness. It is a type of meditation that can not only free your mind from anxiety and overwhelming emotions but also improve your health in general.

How can Grounding Benefit your Health

If you have a second thought about whether you should try grounding, you might change your mind after reading this content. So what can grounding do to your health?

Improve Your Heart Function

Improve your heart functionYour heart system is one of the most important parts that should be given attention. When you are doing grounding on a regular basis, your body is being associated with the earth that can help thin the blood and reduce the inflammation in your body system. How to make this happen? Very simple, you can visually imagine this process in your mind during your meditation that all the toxicities are sent down to mother earth to recycle and your body is in perfect health. Day by day and you will notice the difference. Grounding helps the brain to release many beneficial endorphins that can reduce chronic inflammation. With daily practice, you will achieve healthy blood pressure and your blood will flow properly. Persistence is the key.

You can also use affirmations during your grounding to supercharge your mind power. Read

How to supercharge your mind with affirmations.

Minimize Anxiety, Depression, and Stress

Minimize anxiety, depression and stressWhen your mind and body are stressed, depressed, or filled with anxiety, it can weaken your immune system and affect your health since it can deprive you of eating and doing what you love. But with grounding, these mental challenges will be out of the picture because it can reduce your stress levels so your body can bounce back quickly. When the stress, anxiety, and depression levels are lowered, you will have less chance of getting headaches and mental fatigue.

Slows down Aging Process

Aging is unstoppable but grounding can slow down the process. This meditation helps reduce free radicals that are linked to stress and negative emotions such as anxiety and fear, which speed up the aging process. With grounding, anti-aging is made easy.

An anti-aging diet is a must if you want to slow down the aging process.

A Sound Sleep

A sound sleepWhen you are overwhelmed by stress or anxiety during the day, you may have difficulty falling asleep at night because these issues are clouding your mind. But when you practice grounding regularly, you will notice that your sleep quality is improved because your mind is clear and your body is relaxed after the grounding, which puts your body to sleep. Any physical pain will also be reduced when practicing grounding because it can help release those endorphins that ease the pain and reduce the chronic inflammation in your body. With a sound sleep at night, you will feel energetic during the day and enjoy your daily routines.

Here are some effective tips to overcome insomnia naturally.

Boost Your Happiness

Boost your happinessOverwhelming emotions are not good for your health because they can make you feel uneasy and put your adrenal glands into overdrive, which can lead to adrenal dysfunction and causes lots of health issues such as sugar cravings, weight gain, and more anxiety, etc. But if you practice grounding regularly, your adrenal glands can take a break to recover; your brain will also release those feeling good endorphins such as serotonin to make you feel happy and relaxed.

Here are more simple and fun tips to boost your happiness.

These are expected health benefits you can experience when performing grounding.

What are the other benefits of grounding?

Grounding can bring you lots of benefits, just list a few below:

  • Lessen tensed muscles
  • Increase your calmness and inner peace
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Improve the response of your immune system
  • Develop the mental clarity
  • Protect your body from electromagnetic fields
  • Support your adrenal function

When you practice grounding regularly, these health benefits are noticeable. It is not easy to meditate especially when the mind is not focused at all. However, with the help of mother earth, grounding is probably one of the easiest meditations you can practice to improve your health and emotional well-being in the long run.

Grounding is a meditation that will keep you in the present. It minimizes your emotional and mental stress and creates a positive impact on your mind and body, increasing your productivity and performance in general. In addition, grounding can improve your heart function and keep you away from chronic illnesses; this will prolong the aging process and increase longevity.

What are your tips for emotion management? Please share with us.

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