Hand HealingDo you know that your hands hold magical healing power? The human hands contain a high density of several specialized nerve endings, which generate the crosstalk between your hands and your brain. Based on the hologram theory, which is a fundamental principle in the universe, any portion of a hologram contains enough data to reflect and reproduce the entire hologram. Therefore, a single fragment of the body contains the information of the whole body. These are basic principles of the universe that everything is connected to; so are the human body and human life, which are a part of the whole cosmos. The hologram theory in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is applied by viewing the extremities of the body as individual microsystems, such as the hands, feet, and ears. These microsystems can be seen as holograms of the human body containing all of its information. Based on this principle, we can treat an issue anywhere in the body by stimulating the corresponding points of certain parts of the body because all the systems in the body are naturally interconnected. This is how acupuncture, acupressure, and reflexology works. Your hands can be viewed as a mini-imprint of your whole body. According to TCM, there are many meridian channels starting from your hands, such as the lung meridian, heart meridian, large intestine, small intestine meridians, etc. You can strengthen the energy flow and remove certain energetic blockages in the meridians with some specific hand exercises.

According to TCM, the hands are the reflection of the internal organs of the human body. These hand exercises do not cost money and have no side effects, all you need is to practice and enjoy the amazing health benefits along with it. Let’s dive more into these hand exercises.

all fingers grip1. All fingers grip

This hand exercise can help relieve constipation, prevent stroke, and improve cold hands and feet. It is the most simple and practical hand exercise that you can perform at any time and anywhere.

How to do it?
Relax your shoulders and elbows, spread your fingers on a desk, make a full fist first, and then stretch all the fingers at once. The frequency of this exercise is 90-120 times per minute, try your best to reach the maximum numbers in one minute. When you first start to practice, don’t overwork your hands, take a break when your hands are too tired. Repeat as many times as you wish, and you will notice the number of griping increases each time when you practice. Continue to practice for a week and you can easily reach 1000 times at a time. Practice is the key.

Health benefits

  • Remotely fine-tune all the organ functions. Meridians are the extensions of the organs. The hands are connected with the heart, small intestine, pericardium, triple energizer, lung, and large intestine meridians. This grasping and stretching exercise of hands can stimulate the starting and ending points of meridians, just like flying a kite, it gently stimulates the function of the distal organs.
  • Improve cold hands and feet. Grasping and stretching of fingers and toes can help exercise the small muscles of the forearm and calf and promote blood circulation at the end of the limbs. With consistent practice, you will find that the cold hands and feet will disappear shortly.
  • Reduce muscle tension and relieve negative emotions. According to TCM, the energy of the liver is associated with wood, and the nature of wood is straightness and bending. Therefore, all the movements of bending and stretching are related to the liver. We have seen that patients with strokes often have very tight hands, and are unable to open their hands to hold an object. Therefore, continuous practice of this exercise can nourish the liver and reduce the tension in the muscles. The elderly can practice this exercise more often to reduce the hidden risk of strokes. The liver is also associated with the emotion of anger according to TCM, by channeling the energy in the liver meridian smoothly; it can help release negative emotions.

Do you know that certain hand gestures also hold tremendous healing power?

2. Tiger’s mouth flat punch

tiger mouth flat punch

It is recommended to do this hand exercise 36 times at a time; it helps prevent and improve blurred vision, rhinitis, and toothache, and also prevents a cold.

3. Side palm cross hits
side plam cross hits
Try this hand exercise 36 times at a time, it can help relieve headaches and neck pain, and prevent bone spurs and bone degeneration.

4. Wrist cross hits

wrist cross hits
Practicing this hand exercise 36 times at a time can help relieve chest pain and improve heart diseases.

5. Fingers cross hit

This hand exercise helps reduce finger numbness and problems with peripheral circulation such as foot numbness. Again, it is recommended to start with 36 times at a time.

Why did ancient TCM practitioners emphasize the specific numbers for the repetition? As you may not know that your liver cells will have a complete turn over in 9 years, and every 3 years, about one-third of your liver cells regenerate, so the numbers 3, 6, and 9 are associated with your internal organs, especially with your liver. In TCM, your liver is the chief general for other organs, it is where your soul essence stores, which means your liver shines your spirit. If you want to improve your health, take care of your liver first.

You may not aware that certain parts of your hands can treat specific health challenges.

6. Fist punches the center of the palm
fist punches the center of the palm
Use the fist of one hand to gently punch the center of another palm for 36 times each time, this hand exercise can help reduce fatigue and boost your energy level.
7. The back of the hands cross hits
the back of the hands cross hits

This hand exercise can help improve internal organ functions and diabetes. 36 times each time will get you started.

8. Cover your eyes with your palms
cover eyes
Use your hands to gently cover your eyes for a few minutes regularly on a daily basis to help reduce eye fatigue, blurred vision, and issues with eye degeneration.
9. Ear Massage
ear massage

There are many important acupoints in your ears according to TCM, and the energy of the kidney meridian opens in the ears, this is why massing your ears can tremendously benefit your health. Here is how to do it: gently massage and rub the outer edge of your ear between your thumb and index finger. Move gradually from the top of the ear down to the earlobe, and then apply a motion of pressing and releasing on your earlobe for a few minutes. The best time to do this ear massage is before you go to bed; it can not only help improve your sleep quality but also improves the blood circulation around your head and prevent brain aneurysm.
Your eyes are like a mini-universe of your body, there are some specific locations in your eyes that you can use to treat certain health challenges.
After reading this content, I think you start to realize that our body is designed in such a fascinating way that each part can communicate with one another; there is more hidden magic in our body in plain sight.

What is your favorite hand healing exercise? Please share it with us.


“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.” ~ Carol June


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